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I had been donating through Fred Vona but I seem to have lost contact. I know he had a tough year last year. My best to all of you for your efforts.

Danny Faryniarz

Dave Legg, Ira Hart, Dave Aranoff and Team LungSTRONG - so impressed with your effort, commitment, and drive, hottest weekend yet, remember how exposed those roads are on both days. Thank you!

Beth Ann & Toby Kaminkow

This contribution is in memory of Dave Sachs, my son-in-law and for Beth Ann Kaminkow his brother-in-law

Beth Ann Kamikow & Lorraine Goldstein

Beth, It is wonderful that you continue to do this. I'm sure it makes Dave smile. Lorraine

Ann Petroska
James Carrick

Lilly, Have a great ride in support of such an important cause. I enjoyed your photo gallery. Brought back some great memories! Jim

Bill Berry

Go Diane! Your work and your upbeat direct words are inspiring to me .... and to many of my friends and loved ones, some of whom you know :-)

joanne wills

Thank you for riding, LUNGSTRONG TEAM!

Joseph Verdone
Teresa Levis

Such a great cause! Congratulations to all the riders!

Martine Fabre
Martine Fabre

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