Our Supporters

Bill Berry

Go Diane! I'm happy to know you -- I'm proud of your work and I appreciate it.

Scott Lipsett
John Aldrich $100.00
Christine Miller $60.00
Primal Wear-Shawna Edwards $2,105.16
Cynthia Keene

This is in fondest memory of our dearest Shirley from Pam, Cindy, Hattie and Emma. We will never forget our carefree summers.

Deanna & Tom LaBlanc

To all Lungstrong riders..... we love and miss you!! Keep going! Special hugs and kisses to Diane, Dave, and the Friday Ride Crowd xoxoxo

Ellen van Oostenbrugge $100.00
Robert Hanlon $1,000.00
Isabella de la Houssaye $1,000.00
David Swillum $50.00
Eileen and John Pramberg

Happy to hear your clinical trial is working, Diane! Thank you, and all of Team LUNGSTRONG, for your continued valiant efforts to reverse the statistics.

Molly Vossler


Georgia Johnson

Thank you to Team Lung Strong! Bruce & Georgia Johnson


Our History

2020 $409,193.78 PMC Rider
  $0.00 PMC Winter Cycle
2019 $590,459.61 PMC Rider
2018 $523,438.55 PMC Rider
2017 $455,554.03 PMC Rider
2016 $391,157.99 PMC Rider
2015 $402,378.50 PMC Rider
2014 $371,760.62 PMC Rider
2013 $300,201.00 PMC Rider
2012 $210,574.31 PMC Rider
2011 $101,818.00 PMC Rider
2010 $38,099.50 PMC Rider