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salvatore caraviello $25.00
James J Tello

Betsy said you're the best ~ Go get em!

Irene Caulfield $100.00
Jennifer T Durham

Betsy said you're the best!

Andrea Ferris

Congratulations Diane!

Joanne Masone

Diane, you are a rockstar! You make things happen. Without you, Tricia may have died 5 years ago instead of (almost) 1. I appreciate that gift more than words can say!!

Terry and Janet Brooks

Congratulations, Diane and David on yet another great ride!! You are awe inspiring ??

Sarah Vossler

I love you so much!!!! You make the world a better place and I love being your niece xoxo

Courtney Florian

Such an amazing accomplishment on every front .... So proud Love you! Court

Anne Ferguson
Marlen Clark

Diane - You are so fantastic, strong and resilient! Will be thinking of you and the team as you ride!!

Toby Kaminkow

Diane - You are an inspiration! What an honor to know you and Dave! Congratulations! ??

Christopher Estberg

Thank You so much for your continued dedication! Maureen was riding with you I am sure!

Patricia Carlino

Good Luck David & Diane on your ride. Love Aunt Pat

Sarah Ondaatje


Go Dianne!!! You are remarkable!!! We love what your doing and are behind you all the way! Love, K. Walsh and Family.

John and Stephanie Sinkus

Enjoy your ride Diane - we'll be with you in spirit!

David & Carolyn Delgizzi

Hope you and Dave and the rest of the team have a great ride! You are truly inspirational

Mary Morrison

Best of luck with your ride. I’ll be thinking of you!

Margie Sydlowski

Have a great ride!

Nancy Medina

With you in spirit !

Julia Steer

So glad to hear from you to remind me to send a donation. Best blessings, Julia

Julie & Steve Ogden

We will be thinking of you and cheering you both/all on this weekend!

Tom Esposito

Diane Good Luck !!! Great Job

Bethany Hallinan

Have a great ride! You all are amazing!

sheila stehlin
Sara Wilson

We are all sending you love and cheering for you and Dave this weekend! Love, The Wilson Family

Sherri Miller

Just keep biking! We are so proud of you! Xoxo Sherri & Alan



Nicole Schildcrout

Ride on!! and best of everything to you all!!

Barbara Kane

Diane, I appreciate all you do for lung cancer since my husband Joe passed away almost 17years ago. Thank you!

James Bay

Go Diane! Thank you! Thank you!

Jean Mcgrath

Good luck Diane/dave

Jamie Marvel

Diane and Dave, you are both amazing! Have a safe and wonderful ride!!

Georgia Johnson

Go, Diane & Dave! You guys and what you do are amazing! Thank you so, so much. Bruce & Georgia Johnson

Bev King
Sally Chandler $50.00


Do Diane and Dave! Thanks for all you do.

Anne Deconinck

You've got this!!! You're amazing!

Deidre Malloy

Its is now 18 years I am lung cancer survivor. Grateful for life and for me it was MGH.who has continued to save my life .I thank u u all deeply for your commitment to the cause of curing lung Cance

Jennifer Daileanes

May the sun warm your soul & the wind cool your face as you ride to PTown in glory next weekend! Best of luck to you & Dave and the crew. So proud of all that you do for cancer research. Be blessed!

Karen Lamanuzzi

Your dedication is so amazing and inspirational! Good luck on your ride!! We love you both!!!

Ellen Mcwade

You are such an inspiration.

Ellen Slone

You ride for all of us. Ellen Slone



You go girl! What you’ve accomplished is incredible

Mark Claflin

Have a good ride!

Sara Freedman

Hope the weather is perfect, but know either way you'll be surrounded by so much love. So proud of you and the Lungstrong Team!

Sara Freedman

Hope the weather is perfect, but know either way you'll be surrounded by so much love. So proud of you and the Lungstrong Team!

Christopher Lipsett

Good luck Dave and Diane! We are very proud to support our amazing cousins each and every year! ---Chris, Naomi, Savannah & Maya

McGrath Bissaillon
Dennis Durham

God Bless and ride safe!

Richard Xu $25.00


Thank you and enjoy the ride! Judy and Rick Nichols

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