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Facebook Fundraisers $50.00
Marisa Fava
Paul Chareth

Best wishes Keith, enjoy the ride! - Flylisted Team

Michael Stansbury

Thanks for keeping up with raising support. Next year, just tack on a few extra miles for what you missed this year.

Andrea Hester
Luke Beck

Good luck!

Rimas Veitas

Best of luck!

Tom Anderson
Nicholas Middleton

Thanks for riding again for such a great cause. In memory of Joan Middleton and the continued support of an amazing woman Denise Boyle. Have fun.

Jonathan Cardello

Donation is in tribute to my parents. They are always looking down on us



Best wishes, good luck and ride safe!!

Sean McCormick

Best of Luck Keith!

Joseph Shivell

Good Luck, Keith. All the best to your Mom and family.

Anne Crooker
Tony Fiorillo

Hey Keith, Good luck & Enjoy the ride:-)

Paul Garabedian

Good luck, Keith!

John Wolkowski

In memory of Debbie Noel

Jennifer Hegarty
Michele Quinn

Thank for continuing for Ride for this cause, Keith!

Alycya Boisvert

Good Luck Keith! Have a safe ride!

Eric Samuelson

Keep crushing it, Keith!

BRUNS-PAK Worldwide $50.00
Jessi Jacobowitz
Douglas Carr

Keith: Amazing commitment for a great cause! Thanks for doing this so many times now.

Fred Johnson

Have a great ride Keith!!

Brian Cussen

Have a Safe Ride Keith!!

Steven Labatte

Good luck Keith

Lynne Santos

Go Keith! Thanks for doing your part to raise money for this important cause.

Tom Dolan

Good luck this weekend!!!

Christopher Morse
Alfred Mucci

Good Luck Keith!

Sarah Flynn

Wishing you cool temperatures, calm skies, and smooth riding!

Jodi Salvo

Crush it, Keith!!

Sandy & Don Eskin
Richard Kelley
Jane Jacukiewicz

Love you!

Brenda Stanfield $50.00
Benjamin Brennan

Fantastic work, Keith!

Bruce Ignacio

Go get em Keith!

Whitney Turnbull
Daniel Villemaire

Great story and great organization... good luck!

Kristin Cizon

Keep on keepin' on! Wishing you well on your ride. Much Love from your Cuz!

Linda Cizon

So proud of you! Ride safely. Love Aunt Linda!

Colin Boutin

It was this peppermint patties from Costco. Always impressed man, well done!

Bill and Lin Everett $100.00
Alison Rayfield $50.00
Eric Guthrie
Ken Gudek $500.00
Bradford Dimeo $250.00
Allie Adams
Pamela Roscoe

Good luck on the ride !

Rens Hayes
Cynthia Rossetti $250.00
Paul Sullivan
David Liddell

Have a great ride Keith

Aaron Bancroft

Keith, have a great ride!

Timothy Williams
Ken Beck $500.00
Ted Shannon

Ride Like the Wind!

Fidaa Barbar

Good Luck, stay safe

Linda Pardus-Goodman
Denise Stevens

Keith, you rock!! Good luck.

Lauren Kennedy
Peter Bartash


Go Keith Go!


My History

2020 $11,080.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2019 $15,395.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $6,365.00 Wellesley to Wellesley (2-Day)
2017 $5,367.50 Wellesley to Bourne (1-Day, Sat)