My Supporters

Jaclyn Stone
Laurie Zimmerman

Congratulations Christine on a great ride

Cheryl L Perkins $100.00
Julie Romano

Great job Christine. I’m so sorry about Marcie. She’s certainly smiling upon you.

moriah lucy

Have an awesome weekend Christine! ??

Barbara Viera

Ride with the strength and joy of heart ?? Marcie ,undoubtedly ,will be sailing right along with you and giving you the push to get thru those tough miles and long hours.

stephen hatch
Michelle Earley

Chris, best of luck to you! xox

Jayne M. Merrill
Jeanne Elliott

Thank you for what you do! I hope ALL the riders meet their goals.GOD BLESS you all . Stay safe and stay cool , and enjoy the ride ! Your all amazing.??

Kim Bradley $200.00
Colby Hewitt

Proud to support your ride!

Cathy Pugh
T&B, C&P Gibbs

Have an awesome ride! Best of luck!

Lisa Lawson

Best of luck on your ride. Have a great time.

leonard boylan
Maureen Gill

Lovely tribute to your long time buddy

Robert Doughty

Thank You and be safe.

Joanne Guimond

Marcie would be so proud of you! She will be with you every inch of the ride. Good luck! xo

Caitlin Roy
Traci Mather

Hey Chris, thanks so much for riding when I couldn’t. I know this year means more than ever for you. You are an amazing woman and friend to Marci and I’m sure she will be with you this weekend! xoxo

Tiffany Frary

We are so proud of you, Chris! XO

Lorna Clay

?? you rock

Jeanne E. Borelli

Best of luck Christine

Erica Duggan

You go girl

Del/Georgette Kinney

Best to you & your cause!

Jose Milanes

Best of luck on your ride. Glad to support a great cause.

Susan Aja
Mark Hatch

In honor of my dear cousin, Marcie. Thank for keeping her memory close.


good luck, christine!

Betsy Hatch Libby

Go get 'um Christine!

Paula Halas

Chris, have an awesome ride this year!

Sarah McIsaac
Stephen Frary
Krystine Stork

Thank you for doing this

Nancy Brickley

Good luck!

Jane Howe $50.00
Beatrice Fortini

Happy to be donating to such a good cause.

Elaine M Carson

Without a doubt, Marcie has to be smiling down on you!

Tim Gould

You are a true inspiration to all of us on so many levels!

Pauline Fabiano

Good luck!! You're doing an amazing thing!

Heidi Connors

You got this Christine!!! Good luck

Kathleen Cuoco

Good Luck Chris!

Susan Dodge-Price

Good Luck Christine!! Marcie would be so proud of your dedication to the cause and to her.

Danielle Pereira

Good Luck Christine!!!

Dawn Black

Good luck on your ride Christine!! Marcie will be with you every step of the way.

Kristin Drake
Brian Macey

Best od luck

Pamela Gay-Killeen

Thank you for riding Christine!

victoria Piper $100.00
Robin Pearson-Cogan

Chris......Amazing cause supported by an amazing lady and friend. Best of luck Love You, Robin

Suzanne Dempsey

Such a great way to honor Marcie!

Barbara Viera

..... for Marcie and all the Marcies still fighting

Barbara Hatch

Sending love and support. Good luck Chris! xoxo

Derrick Deluties

Good luck Christine!

Brendon Sanger

Our thoughts are with you, Coach. Team on 3!

Steve Digangi

Hi Christine, great to meet you @ AAU hoops. So admirable that you’re riding for Your friend! She sounds a bit like my wife , so plz ride for Michelle too! Good luck! I’ll be thinking of all 3 of you!

Kathleen Piotte

In honor of your lifelong friendship with Marcie. Best of luck to you on your ride!

Claire Belanger
Joanne Piotte

Good luck Christine

Michael Scafidi

Good Luck Chris!!

Beth Lazor-Smith

Maybe someday I'll be healthy enough to ride again, until then this what I CAN do. This is for you, Diane, my mom, and especially Marcie. have a great ride (and this will get matched)

John Sousa
Charles Hewitt

You are an inspiration, Christine!

J. Michael Holbrook Jr.
Stephanie Saporita

For Marcie!

Lindsey Dealy

What a beautiful tribute - have a great ride!

MTM Insurance Associates LLC
Stephen Sullivan

So sorry for your loss.

Athan Vontzalides

Christine....You are the best !!!!!

Jeanne Borelli

Best of Luck Christine

Lorene Beach

To Marcie and those she left behind.

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