My Supporters

Erik Morland
Stacy Gilfillan

Haley, thank you for riding strong & honoring Jon! W.I.T. ?? The Gilfillan Family

Alison Kerr Miller

Wishing you the best, Haley! I ?? Pam

Thad Sheely
Alexandra Trotta

Crush it Haley!

Rachel Ruggieri

Ride your heart out Hailey!!!! You go girl!!!

Dena Madden

You’ve got this Haley Grace! So proud of you! Xoxo

T&B, C&P Gibbs

Good Luck Haley! Have a great first PMC ride!

Stephen Vacher

Haley, have a great ride with your dad! Hope you have an amazing day!

Brian Mullen
Tammy Cenci

This is so impressive Haley! Best of luck and enjoy the ride! The Cenci Family

Matthew Babson

Have a great ride!

Sandra Reiniger

Go Haley!!

William DiMento $25.00
Katie (Nagy) Catapano

May the wind be at your back; You are doing something so wonderful & inspirational! In honor of Pam ??

Majja Dennis

Thanks for riding for Pam and for all cancer fighters!

Heidi Connors

You go girl!!!

Danielle Naftulin

Very impressive and inspiring to see you do this. I lost my mom to renal cancer when I was 19. This touches my heart.

Thomas Tracy

I recently lost my aunt to cancer and I understand the hardship a patient and there family goes through throughout this horrible illness. I just wanna let you know your not alone and your amazing!

Sue Landry

You got this Haley!!!!

Judith Savage

In memory of Dennis Smith and Wayne Conklin

Jillian Pinto

So proud of you, Haley! This is amazing!

Cade Blackburn

Good luck Haley!

Penelope Sheely

Pedal for Pam! Way to go, Haley - have an amazing ride!

Samantha Protopapas

Good luck, we have no doubt you will do fine. What a great adventure to share with your dad.

Kelsey Olivito $25.00
Sandra Dixon

What a great way to honor your grandfather!

Sonila Dono

Thank you for being such an inspiration to us and to all of the young generation. God bless you and good luck in this ride. Thank you ??

Eileen Wallwork

You are inspirational Haley!

Julie Spence

In honor of my brave and sparkling-spirited friend Pam Gay-Killeen. Thanks for riding Haley!

Lisa Killeen

In honor of my amazing sister-in-law, Pamela Gay-Killeen. Thank you Haley and good luck!

Karen Harris

Great way to honor your loved ones and all those who lives have been affected by cancer. So many, too many ... help kick cancers butt!

Lori Piscitello

In honor of Pamela Gay-Killeen

Jill Doring

Continued best health wishes to Pam. My mom is a 20 year breast cancer survivor.

Lisa Zinnecker

Thank you for riding for Pam!!

Joanne Hight

Good luck Haley!

Regina Symonds $30.00
Kristin Stedfast

Good luck Hayley!

Pamela Gay-Killeen

We love you Haley!!!

Brian Henry

We are proud of you Haley!! Ride strong! The Henrys

Brandt Brisson

Awesome to see you and your Dad riding this year. Crush it!

Jeanne Sanviti-Masher

We’ll be rooting for you Haley, and hoping for wind at your back. You rock!

David Brisson

Beat you Dad’s time, can’t be too hard:) Good Luck!

Kathryn OToole

Good luck on your ride, your grandfathers will be proud of you!!!!!

Lisa Groleau

Haley, you are awesome! Ride your butt off! Love, The Groleau Family

Meloney McMurry

Go Haley!

Sarah Calabrese

I admire you so much for doing this. Am so proud of you !!!!

Emily & Brad Curtis

We love you Haley! Go crush it.

Hilary and Pat Odoy

Go Get 'em Haley! with people like you behind the effort, this disease should have NO chance! We are proud of your efforts and happy to support-

Kathleen Pearson

Godspeed! The Pearson Family

Halima Nooradeen

I miss him so much, thanks for this Haley

Erik Prussman

Good job Haley !!

Nicole Laperriere

Haley, The first day I met you, I knew you would do amazing things! This just proves it once again. You are truly SPECIAL, and I am so proud of you! Good Luck! Mrs. LaPerriere

Wendy Chisholm

You go girl!

Susan Freiburger

Way to go Haley! I hope that the wind is at your back and that you enjoy the ride.

Samantha Colindres

I admire your heart and strength. Beautifully written story. I wish I could contribute more but wanted to at least honor your ride in memory of your grandparents(and my Uncle “Dancing King” Steve) xox

Tiffany Elwood

In memory of all I’ve lost to cancer, and all I hope I do not lose. So proud of you Haley, cancer doesn’t stand a chance!

Michelle Hall

You are inspiring!!!

Kathy Harrington

Best of luck on your ride! Glad to support your efforts!

Anne and Matthew Corsak

Matt and I are happy to contribute to your ride. We love Uncle Steve and hope you are able to exceed your goal. Sending our love to the family!

Jeff Deyette

We're so proud of you Haley! You're going to do great! - Jeff and Heather


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