Our Supporters

Glenda Jeffrey

Great that you guys manage to keep this up!

Laurice Pasciuto


This sponsorship is on behalf of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. .

Joseph Campo

God bless you for all you do to fight cancer and help people. Thank you.

Leila Cotran

Good luck with the ride this year Team Dassault!

Tim Besser

Have a great ride!


Eric Hakansson $25.00
David Turnick
Edwin McBride $50.00
mike fornelli


Excellent work - thank you

Ron Watkins

IF WE Ride Together, We can Beat Cancer!

Xavier Reilly

Thank you for supporting DFCI and this important cause. Enjoy the ride.


Thanks to all of you we are hopefully one step closer to finding a cure. Best of luck to all the DS riders.



from the DELMIA Quintiq NAM Services Team

Bill Canning
Ron Furmaniuk

Best of luck on your ride. Gift is in honor of my Dad who passed last November

Devesh Sahu $20.00
Cynthia Kougeas

Good luck to all of the riders on Team Dassault! You are all amazing.

Brenda Monahan

In honor of my friends and family fighting cancer and for those who have survived and in memory of those who lost their battles.

Lisa Costa

Go team DS!

Sonam Devadiga

It is a worthy cause and i wish all the riders a safe and happy ride in the bike-a-thon journey!

Ditmars Veinbachs

Looks like great weather this weekend. I wish everyone a safe and meaningful ride.

Sankarappan Gopalsamy $100.00
Chinloo Lama

Have fun on your ride! Good luck team! You are amazing people!

Roopesh Mathur $200.00
Catherine Korn

Go team Dassault Systemes!

Bruce Holway $200.00
Jacqueline Murphy

I'm so proud to support the Pan Mass Challenge and my Dassault Systèmes colleagues who are riding this year to raise money for cancer research and treatment at Boston Dana-Farber Institute! Thank You!

Seetharam Misro
Kathy Howard

Thank you for riding!

Kristen Wilson Syrek

proud to work at this company

Pierre Devaux

Go Team DS!

Suchit Jain
Gian Paolo Bassi
Paul Adams

Look for DASSAULT banner on Cherry St., Wrentham

Peter Liberman

Go Team Dassault!

Charles Parez


Joan Hurton

Enjoy the ride, Team DS! Thank you for making the trek to support this awesome charity! I'll be there in spirit :)


A big thank you to you all!

Hariprasath Periyasamy $75.00
Brian Zias

Ride hard for life!

Brigitte Olivier $100.00
Anne L Biswas $36.00
Ian Baxter
Ronald Close

Keep riding Eli! Great cause, great effort.!

Maureen Giggey
Primal Wear-Shawn Edwards $797.70
Elizabeth Augustine

Wishing you an easy ride!


Go Team Dassault | SolidWorks from TriMech Team

Marc Jacobs

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