My Supporters

Facebook Fundraisers $1,100.00
Linda Collings $50.00


Chris Oneschuk

Thanks for all your efforts to support the PMC and Dana Farber!

Gloria DeVine

Congratulations Cathy! Thank you for riding and volunteering! ??

Carol Ford $100.00
Marianne Coscia $30.00
Andrew Coffin

Kathy - You picked a tough year to start riding! Thanks for doing it. I often end up riding with Steve each year, happy to support you as well!

Sean Doucet
Diane Urban
Pat & Bob Sargent

Thanks for all your hard work Cathy!

Michelle Johnson

Keep up the good work!

Barbara Kaufman $30.00
Sharon Iovanni

Congratulations and good luck Cathy, Steve and kids!

Paul Moriarty

Good Luck Cathy!

Thomas Boussy

Great job Cathy.

Scott and Bonnie Littlejohn

Have a great ride Cathy!

Scott Perry

Good luck on your ride Cathy & Stephen !!!!!

Carrie Young
Gus Niewenhous
Kimberlee Dow

Cathy, Thank you for doing this for so long. Best Kim Dow

Christopher Messing

Keep up this good work!

Carol leahy

Thank you Cathy for your hard work and all your efforts in support of Dana Farber.

Natalee Webb

Happy Trails???????

Hannah McMahon

Thank you for continuing to make an impact towards cancer research!

Deborah Main

Thanks to everyone for all they do!

Karen Kelly
Jeanne & Paul Craigie

Have a great safe ride!

Robert Nugent

Good luck and thanks for supporting such a great cause.

Paul & Margaret-Rose Principato

Have a wonderful ride!


My History

2022 $4,527.00 Reimagined and Volunteer
2021 $3,368.00 Wellesley to Wellesley (50 mile Sunday)
2020 $5,241.13 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
  $0.00 PMC Winter Cycle
2019 $8,705.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $0.00 PMC Volunteer
2017 $0.00 PMC Volunteer
2016 $0.00 PMC Volunteer
2015 $100.00 PMC Volunteer
2014 $0.00 PMC Volunteer
2013 $0.00 PMC Volunteer
2012 $0.00 PMC Volunteer
2011 $0.00 PMC Volunteer
2010 $0.00 PMC Volunteer
2009 $0.00 PMC Volunteer
2008 $0.00 PMC Volunteer