My Supporters

Ellen Quackenbush

Great job for a worthy cause.

Cathy Pratt $50.00


You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spencer Farrar

Congratulations Mike! Well done!

Jill Smart

Michael, thanks for all you are doing in the fight against pancreatic cancer (from a Project Purple sister)!

Steven Chilton $25.00
Thomas Hamilton

Have fun Mike.



James Couture
Chuck Hagedorn

Good luck Mike!

Sherry Gordon

Hope the ride goes well, Mike.

Adam Giandomenico

Thank you for doing this and best of luck Mike!!

Janine & Ed Augustine

Good luck Mike!!! Thank you for your commitment to this worthy cause.

Ryan Pace

Gannon and I will see you in Eastham, Mike. Enjoy the ride!

Donald Hogardt

Best Mike, have a great time.

Michael Ullman
Michael Gorman
Chris Randall

You're an inspiration, Mike. Thanks for going the extra mile(s).


Good luck. 4x1600 will seem easy

Tom White

Great job Mike

Eva King

Go get'em, Tiger!!

Christopher George


Ride strongly Mike

Richard Schwartz
Susan Israel

In honor of Nancy and David Kellogg-Achin's wedding.

Karl and Sarah Kussin

Have a good “dry” ride.

Carolina Ruiz

Thanks, Mike, for helping raise funds for cancer research! Carolina and Sergio

TJ Dyer

Good Luck on your ride Mike, From your friends at PWMG

Peggy Fineman
Julie Tillotson

Wishing you an easy ride!!!

Chris Dorr

Good luck Mike!

Bonnie Weeks $50.00
Lina Millirons

Mike, thank you for doing this!

Paul Kenney

Pedal Mikey, pedal! You got this!

Filomena Kuchar $25.00
Maria Pavao $25.00
Thomas Wood

Have a great ride!

Kevin Keough

Way to go Mike!

David Chaffin

Thank you for the fabulous weight set. Good luck on the ride!

Rivka Nir

Go Michael! Rivka and Raphael Nir

Pamela Bealo

Thank You For Doing This! Best of Luck Mike!!


No rain this year, Mike!

Harry Beaulieu

Go Mike!

Marlene Odonnell

Celebrate each mile, Mike!

Lawrence Sloan

Ride on for a great cause! Do it for those who can’t.

Annamaria Kausz


Mike, Thank you for your dedication to the PanMass charity ride.

Kiri Borg

Good luck Michael and thank you for doing this


Good Job Mike!

James Mccloy
Heidi Faw
Jill Robitaille
mary Corr

May the wind be at your back!

Jack Geissert

Mike, Thanks for doing this.

Ron Teitelbaum

Mike thank you for what you do.

Jodi Texeira
Marvin Lewiton $50.00
OEHN Marlborough $150.00
Bruce Groves

Best of luck Mike!

Phil Terrell

GO Mike! EHI is behind you!!!

Chris Laszcz-Davis $100.00
Martin Chapman

Go for it, Mike! I hope that you have two wonderful days riding.

Paul Keane

Ride on, Mike! Your commitment is inspiring.

Richard Fink

May you have 2 days of a tail wind.

Alberto Correia
Miles Jackson Childs

Go Mike!

Edward Durkin

Proud to sponsor such a worthy cause...Good Luck Mike

Annamaria Kausz

Go, Mike. I'll be there with you in spirit!

Liam Malanaphy

You do great things, good luck

Audrey and David Abrams $50.00
Larry Johnson

Good Luck Mike!


My History

2019 $10,140.56 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $9,520.56 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)