Our Supporters


Carrie Layhee

Good luck, Coneheads! Ride strong.

Sam Gonzalez

Good luck Jim!! You've got this!!

Tom Rosenbaugh
Samuel Johnson
Mark Ramsdell

Go Team Courage!

Philip Lagas

Have a safe and fun ride!

Jason Cabral

Best of luck next weekend Team Coneheads!

Janice Szucs

Thanks for what you are doing for this cause!

Brenda Enos $100.00
Thomas Degnan
Bethany Brooks

Donation in memory of Ryan Edmonds who received wonderful care at Dana Farber. Have a great ride!

Nicole Chamoun

Good luck Rob, Jennie and Team Coneheads!

Kent Herzog

Go Team Coneheads!

Martin Durney
Christopher Marshall $600.00
Santhosh Thadigiri
Jacob Tinus

Good luck team Conehead riders!

Carmen Holzman

Enjoy the ride!



Good Luck from M. J. Electric



Chase Hutchinson

I am pleased to Donate on behalf of Wunderlich Malec Services in Winslow, ME. We believe this is a great cause and wish everyone the best that is participating.

Harlan Electric Co $3,000.00
Sabre - FWT $1,500.00
CHA Consulting

Glad to support the team!



Rick Conant

My dad, age 77, passed away on Sept 12, 2018 after a short battle with cancer. We were grateful to the doctors and nurses at Dana-Farber during his illness. Thank you for riding for this cause!

Haley & Aldrich, Inc.

“Haley & Aldrich is proud to again support the Coneheads in their 2019 PMC ride - Ride safely, keep up your outstanding work, and have fun!


Our History

2019 $309,166.96 PMC Rider
2018 $227,914.44 PMC Rider
2017 $265,727.86 PMC Rider
2016 $228,449.21 PMC Rider
2015 $219,065.84 PMC Rider
2014 $234,795.41 PMC Rider
2013 $190,730.00 PMC Rider
2012 $133,573.00 PMC Rider
2011 $87,445.80 PMC Rider
2010 $56,082.49 PMC Rider
2009 $40,916.00 PMC Rider
2008 $39,803.35 PMC Rider