My Supporters

Timothy Tyler

You folks are doing amazing work!

John Volpe

Strong work Steve.

Susan Brown

Thanks Steve- stay healthy& have fun- this is in memory of my brother Mark Alarie and father George Alarie and in honor of my best friend Judy Fratantaro just diagnosed with glioblastoma

Linda M. Walsh
Gerard Georges

Steve, Wishing you a safe and rewarding ride. All the best.

Perrie & Matt Halpern

Have a great ride!

Tori Hafford

Thank you for everything that you do!! Have a great ride good luck!!

Sandra Adkins

Good Luck, Steve

Kimberly Lane

Best of luck and safe riding this weekend. Peter and I have you in our thoughts and prayers. We have lost 3 close friends in the past month alone to cancer. Please ride for Barbara Sue and Paul.

Chris Pepin

Steve, you are riding for my mother Sharon Lupo and for my father in law Bob Dyer who died from complications of colon cancer, and so many others who have been hurt by this horrible disease. Thank you

Serge Martial

Wish I could ride with you. Keep up the great work and hope to see you soon

Steven Temkin

Great job Steve!

Kempton Ingersol
Sue and Jeff Gellerman

Ride like the wind Steve! You've GOT this!

Jennifer Moore

What a great way to honor so many people's lives. You are an inspiration Steve! Enjoy the ride (and your night on the ship!)

Richard Wilcon

thank you for fighting for a great cause that touches us all

Patty Erskine

you can do this, ride safe and thanks for doing this for everyone

Debra Wiedenheft

To all my friends and family who have, who are struggled with cancer, we have not forgotten you.

Cindy Mcnamara

Good luck!

Linda Ganter $30.00
Sharon Sawyer


John Graham


Ellen Feder

Go, Steve, Go!

morris maple

I hope you achieve your goal!!!

Marc Borenstein

Your work in the ER and as a challenge rider is inspiring and helping countless numbers of people. Thank you for all that you do. It is an honor to know you and count you as a friend and colleague

Debra Campbell

Thank you for doing this every year. Have a safe ride.

Beth Wiley

Thank you for your commitment. Ride safe.

Gary Isenberg
Seth Guterman

My best friend since age 14 (a 39 year friendship) died of Thymic Cancer( very rare ) last year. If the USA can land a man on the moon then we can cure cancer. Godspeed to riders and scientists

Alan Diprato

Fellas, Hoping you have great rides and no soreness. Al D.

R. Scott Madigan $100.00
Kristine Bastura

Good luck!!! We love you!

Ron Medzon

Have an awesome ride Steve! I hope you find an organization even better than water.org to pull you along


Neal Pearlmutter
Richard Sanders

Be Safe and Thank You for not forgetting Karen.

Annie Lonski

Best wishes for a great ride for a wonderful cause!

Rebecca Ladyka

Have a safe ride Steve!

David Polsky

Higher and Faster!

Paul Matty

Dear Steve, We always are always grateful for the things you do for this cause, but particularly this year, since as I write this note, Holly's mother is an inpatient at DF/BW. Be safe. Paul and

Michele Goldhagen $250.00
SHAWN P Teed $250.00
Joel Bogner
Michael Pfalzgraf $50.00
Sue Trobee

Appreciate all you do!!! Thank you!

Anne Diamond $120.00
Morris Maple

We are making the fight against cancer a winning war!!

sheldon & Nancy wexler

Keep riding ride safe

Ellen Feder $50.00
Lara Gordon

My hero! Love you!

Barbara Chubbuck

Thanks for you commitment Steve! It is appreciated!

Lisa Pillow

Thank you for all of your effort and commitment. Have a great ride!

Jah-Won Koo

good luck Steve, great cause, thanks for riding.

Jason Osborne

Safe travels thank you all for what you do every day!

Becky Shoemaker

Go, Steve!

Mary Holland

Thanks for all you have done! Best of luck this year

Thom Hamill $120.00
Lauren and Brad Drazen
Michael McCarville

Glad to see you back riding for this great cause !

Amy Stepka

Thanks for doing this Steve!! XO

Andrew Waite
Christine Chang

Way to go, Steve! I love your commitment to this cause, and I am so happy to support you. Love Christine

Cheryl Sanders

I know your working hard to do this ride ride safely Love Mom and dad

Michael Richards

Enjoy your ride!

Laura and John O'Keefe

Keep it going!! :)

Robert Adamenko

Ride well and ride safely. Thank you for your effort and commitment.

Sandra Gordon

Love you Steve!! Hope you have an easy ride!!


GO, STEVE, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Richard Linnell

Worthy cause...thanks Steve

Landyn Smell

You will do Great!

Christopher Chaplin

Great cause Steve! Best wishes



Literally back in the saddle. Never in doubt

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