My Supporters

Facebook Fundraisers $1,334.00
Janice Cohen
Rob Dexter

Glad your ride was a success!

Rachel Schaumburger

So proud of you for all your hard work!

Henry Golembeski
Robyn Nasuti

Congrats on a great ride!

Kathy Armstrong Crouch

Good luck on your ride!!!

Melvin Simon

Supporting you and the DFI in memory of Carrie.

David Spofford

Good luck on your ride!

David Pais $50.00
Audrey Sobel

Way to go, Laurie! You're an inspiration!

Jennifer and David Wolpaw

Go, Laurie, go!!!!!

Robyn Holzman

Have a great ride. Thank you for riding.



Be proud of yourself.

David Pinette $20.00
Elizabeth Ehrlich

in honor of my Aunt Muriel who is fighting Lung Cancer

Jane Krantz
Lorraine Greenfield

Go Laurie! Thank you for riding for such an important and meaningful cause. Love you!

Barbara and Ron Gilefsky
Kerry Martin $50.00
Eric Goldberg $50.00
Samuel Boustani

Good luck Laurie on your ride!! Sam, Sandrine, Victoria and Olivia

Marji Siegel

YOU are AMAZING, Laurie!! Your dedication and commitment are truly making a difference in cancer research advances. Have a safe and meaningful ride this year! I'm so proud of you!

Wendy Honigman

My mom, Rachel Saxe Berlin, died of Cancer 2 Jan 1980. It's a horrid disease.

Clark Kaufman
Tracey Levy

Love ya, Laur!

Jessica Zachs

Keep pedaling! Enjoy the ride. Have fun, Jessica and Eric

Sharon Conway
Suzanne Davis

Laurie, Best wishes on your ride in August!

Jeff Glickman
Sharon Eckstein $50.00
Elizabeth Colognesi

Good luck, Laurie!

Adam Kaufman

Ride Laurie Ride!

Valerie Dubnoff
Michael Kaminsky

Back at 'ya Silverman! I hope your training has gone well and I'm looking forward to catching up with you on the road or at MMA or PTown! Take care!

Phyllis Karas

Go, Laurie, Go!! I could not be prouder of you!

Jennifer Phillips $100.00
Barbara Glazer

Best of luck this year Laurie!

Paula and Alan Glickman

Best of luck with reaching your goal.

Marie Russell

Good luck, Laurie!!

Carol Gay

Wishing you good weather and a successful ride! Thanks for doing this.

Deborah Dunlap

Good luck Laurie, you are an inspiration to me and I am happy to support you in this worthy cause!

Damon Brooks

For your parents, for DFCI, for you...consistently present for this cause, and always being there for so many people.

Karen Deehy
Peter Cohen
Alison Teichman

The Teichmans wish you luck on your ride and support you, Laurie!

Julie Digiacomo

Keep up the exceptional work, La. God Bless you and for all those you ride in memory of!!! Julie

Eric Goldberg $50.00
Robert Efron
Ronald Peikes

Laurie, you are a strong, passionate, fit and beautiful advocate and spokesperson for the families who have battled cancer. My family adores you

Lisa Porter
Lisa and Evan Berman

Ride Laurie Ride! Always so proud of you. You're an inspiration! xoxo

Rachel Korman
Carolyn Weiser

Good luck!

Shelley Hartnett

Such a wonderful thing that u continue to do. Ride Laurie Ride!

Sheila Sorkin
Elizabeth Ehrlich

Go get 'em Laurie. Your dedication is awe inspiring. Cancer takes too many.

Kenneth Malley

Laurie, thank you for remembering those who are special to you and for raising funds to help this important cause. May there come a day where no families be impacted by this terrible disease.

Isaac Silverman

5 family & friends on your Home page [x $180] Go Laurie!! You will have some volunteers this Year!!!!

Lynne Tapper

So proud of you Laurie! Keep on riding and raising funds and awareness!

Tracy and Ethan Frankel

Thank you for your effort to fund the fight against this disease, and enjoy the ride! Tracy and Ethan

My History

2019 $8,500.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2018 $8,000.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2017 $7,800.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2016 $5,412.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)