Our Supporters

Robert Brockman

Congratulations Kermits!

Maryann Girardi
Penny Ramseyer

In memory of Jared Branfman.

Donna Roman $100.00
Linda Mcsweeney

May the ride be filled with joy! Team Kermit you inspire all of us in your determination and desire to help by your strength and fortitude. May you feel the prayers and love that surround all of you.

James Popkin

good luck on the ride and be careful best regards, Jim P

Janet Fischer

Proud of your ongoing commitment to the PMC. Have a great ride in August 2022.

Benjamin and Susan Levine
Laura Milewski

Thank you for your great work!

Alex & Antonella Casale

Go Team Kermit! Keep up your tremendous effort and have a safe ride!

Douglas Lally

Thanks for all you do!

Robert Gross
Doris Fina

Dear Steve and Ellen Memories are forever. Love, Doris

Kevin McCreary $50.00
Lori Karger

Until there’s a cure…..keep riding!!!!

Peter Robarts $50.00

Go Kermits!

Sheila Calnan

Happy to support Team Kermit! XOX




Our History

2022 $410,380.92 PMC Rider
2021 $600,473.47 PMC Rider
2020 $580,348.77 PMC Rider
2019 $514,654.90 PMC Rider
2018 $476,274.35 PMC Rider
2017 $418,557.60 PMC Rider
2016 $379,520.71 PMC Rider
2015 $364,586.62 PMC Rider
2014 $353,679.22 PMC Rider
2013 $371,599.27 PMC Rider
2012 $298,250.16 PMC Rider
2011 $314,416.30 PMC Rider
2010 $257,107.32 PMC Rider
2009 $178,604.63 PMC Rider
2008 $185,525.01 PMC Rider
2007 $141,421.18 PMC Rider
2006 $104,642.97 PMC
2005 $20,522.60 PMC