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Facebook Fundraisers $928.30
Ellen Glanz

Steve, Ellen, and Adam, best of luck to you and Team Kermit! Happy to support you, as always. Thanks for what you do! Ellen, Richard, Jared, Alex, and family

Stephen Sirrico

Happy to help, Steven. And, as always, thinking of Jared and all of you riding this year, and every year! S

Marcia Martinson

In memory of Jared Branfman, teammate and friend. Wishing Team Kermit a safe PMC … may the wind be at your backs! Blessings! Terry & Marcia Martinson

David Yale

Ellen, Steven, Adam and Team Kermit, have a safe ride! What you do in the PMC, in memory of Jared, is truly inspirational.

Sarah Fuhro
Rebecca Dyson $50.00
Karin Turer $54.00
Jeremy Ogusky $25.00
Eric Aronson $100.00
Heather Simmons

Good Luck Team Kermit!

heidee anastos


Bruce and Linda Berns
Suzanne MacDonald
Paul Jefferson

Steve- good luck to you and the Team! Paul

william haskel

Branfmans, you are inspiring and heroic. Thank you for your generosity to Dana-Farber and to help others

Jessica (Temkin) Rubinstein

You are so inspiring!!! Go Team Kermit!!!

Ann Woodbury
Glenn Deegan


Good Luck Steven! Keep up the good work.

Andrew Lubow

With luck , your help and inspiration to the team of people working to eliminate this disease. This'll be the year the cure and treatment for this happens. Ride hard, Ride fierce allof you!

Suzanne Doherty

Go Team Kermit!!

Carol and Bill Earle

We have fond memories of Jared.


Happy to help!

Pedro Garrido

Jared Branfman lives on.

Stephen Lewicki

do it again and again and again


Power to the Pedalers!

Deb & Joe Corrado
Jan Anszperger

Have an awesome ride!

Terry Seligmann
Sarah Golda Cline
Robert Gross
Robert Brockman

Go Kermits!

Debbie & David Winnick

Go, Team Kermit! Thanks for your ride!

Edmund Price

You go Kermit!

Owen Drometer
Sonia Formanek

Good luck Team Kermit

Steven and Ellen Branfman $18.00
jeryl Kronish

Wishing you a great ride!

Lisa Berger

You're truly an inspiration on many fronts! We doubled up this year since we missed this last year. Have a great ride!!! Lisa & Ed (and Charlie the bulldog mascot of Team BFSC)

Mark Feigenbaum Family
Garett Butkuss

Happy to help with this more than worthy cause. Your ride helps to inspire others to reach their potential.

paul mccarron

Bless you, Steve... for all your good works!!!

charlotte morgan
Paula Marian

I admire your continued commitment and stamina.

Jeanne Mason

Waiting for the snow to melt here, but thinking of you all training for the Challenge. Go Team!!

Dana Mahoney $100.00
Jeffrey Heyne

UR inspiring! --Jeff&Dorothea

Joanne Steinhart
Julianne Mehegan
Barry Schaudt $200.00
Lee Oliphant $100.00
Robert Moskowit $30.00
Richard A Meyerson
Lenny Dowhie

Steve, keep the faith that someday cures will be found and our friends and children will no longer have to suffer. Glad I can help a little.

Jan Schachter $100.00
Barbara and Andy Effron
Elizabeth & Ronald Cobb

Team Kermit's Wheels Keep on Turning!

Rebecca Carter
Aggie Belt

United we stand

Stefanie Hollister
Ken Hosen

Ride like the freaking wind!

Cheryl Segaloff

Good Luck! Thanks for your hard work....

Lee Smith
Jonathan Earle
Marc Rando

Best of luck this year. Keep on doing great work!

Jessica Leaver

Good luck to all the riders! Amazing work as always!

Joseph Haney

Good luck to Team Kermit!

Lisa Nabieszko
Pamela Ulrickson
Matthew Giambrone
Pamela Mauer $50.00
Rebecca Nourse

Bravo for Team Kermit in the Pan-Mass Challenge!

Carolyn Moss
Michael Zwiebel
Elizabeth King
Judith Hurwitz $50.00


Stephanie Greenberg

Wishing all of you an easy ride.

David Goldwasser $200.00
Nellie Brennan Hall $50.00
Barbara Gubb
Barry Heller

Continue to ride and fight. I'm with you in spirit 'tho I do not ride.

Richard Levinson

Have some great rides! Rich and Jenn

James Macvarish

Ride well Team Kermit!

Laya Steinberg
Will Conroy

Ride on! Jared's memory lives on in his family and his friends, but especially in the important work you all are doing. I think of Jared often, and always fondly.

Melissa Tuthill Forger

Team Kermit, you are amazing! Thank you for all you are doing for the fight against cancer.

Desmond Havlicek
Becky Livingston
Laurie Amonte

Branf....as always we wish you the best of luck. Safe riding. xo Laurie and Tony Amonte

Lisa Deschenes

As always we are thinking of you and Jared, and cheering you on! Greg and Lisa

Paul Housberg

Ride strong, Steve!

Arthur Greil $100.00
Lindsey Quinlisk

Go Team Kermit

Maryam Lombardi

Ride well!

Monika Armbruster

Good luck and best wishes to you Steve and your family OOOXXX Moni

Shamai Gibsh
Harvey Mamon
Sean Mastromatteo

Have the best ride! I pray for awesome weather, and I pray for many cures. Live, Love, and Learn.

Kathy Griffin

Happy Birthday, Steven! May your year ahead be filled with joy, adventure and all good things. You are a blessing in this world!


Go Team Kermit!

Tommy Gaffey
Lois Wilkins

Safe ride, Team Kermit.

Lois Wilkins

Go Team Kermit

Lois Wilkins

Wishing you a good ride, Team Kermit

Judy and Jack Luskin

Your family is an inspiration.

steve richmond

Great work Steve, keep on riding.

Lyle Micheli $250.00
Andrew Lubow

Beat this hideous disease back to Hell with a successful fund drive.

Gretchen Keyworth $50.00
Gene Avras $100.00
Tina Tran
Pierluigi Balduzzi $250.00
Mark Temkin
Virginia Marsh
Prudence Goodale

Wonderful and important cause.Keep the faith.

Stan Adelman
Joel Bard

Keep up the fabulous work. best wishes to you and your family for the New Year. Joel

Cameron Tucker
Thayer Pottery Sale Fundraiser $35.00
Kay Cahill

Good Luck, Team Kermit. We appreciate all you do! Kay and Steve

katherine hayman

Go, Steve! I am so impressed by all that you do for this organization! xo

Brett Freebody

Much love from the Freebody family to the Branfman Family, we love you all!

Adam Branfman
Andrew Lubow

Here's a donation toward next season's charity effort. Keep up the great work TEAM Kermit!


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