My Supporters


Michael Block $500.00
Dr Derrick Artis

Good luck!

Jytte Andersen
George Todd $30.00


Alessandro Baronti $300.00
Scott Daniels $200.00
Ulla Molbo $120.00
Scot Morris $300.00
Jonathan Berry
Scott Philippe

Be safe , ride hard.

Pete Bridgman
Steven Demko

Peddling for a good cause! Way to go!

Susanne Thomsen

Super! Fantastic that you are doing it again!

Brian Chouinard

From Brian and Terri - were happy to support you both and this great cause!



Regina Zyszkowski $300.00


Thanks for taking the effort to support a great cause. From your friends in the Low Country.

amy stachler

Have fun!

Carole Hong

Love your passion! Stay healthy and Ride-on!

Ed Zajac

Congratulation, what a great cause!


From you friends at IDOC

Alice Dankman
Mark Stadlen $500.00
Steven Epstein

Good luck glad to see you are still involved Miss you guys

Michael Primiani

Happy to help and best of luck.


Best of luck JuJu and Bettina. A great cause

Mike Austin $250.00
James Galinsky

Keep up the great work!!

Patrick Leenknecht


In Memory of Wini Manzo.

Erica Sass
Steve Vargo $150.00


Ryan Rueckl

So great that you guys continue to do this every year. Have a fantastic ride!

Gail Tarantino $50.00
Thomas Fessenden

God's Blessings to All and the PMC. Tom & Meridith

Chad Carlsson

Helping to meet your goal for 2021! Good Luck!!!

Gerard Santinelli

Ride Forest, ride!

thomas mirabile



Thank you for staying committed to this cause!

Sam Quintero

Jay, keep it going!

Carolyn Martin Chang
Jack Hostetler

Go Green!

Reid Robertson $500.00
Jolan Yow
Duane Wires
Christopher Kelly

Keep on riding Jay!

Dennis DeLee

Jay and Bettina... keep up the good work

John Wood

Thank you for fighting. Keep going!

Claude Labeeuw $60.00
Bob Consor OD
Mike Tilleli

Go gem em

Michael Daley

Keep fighting the good fight Jay and Bettina!

Matt Hudson

Ride on!

maria diaz

grateful for your passion + dedication

Cindy Huynh

Thank you for your dedication to the cause!



good luck!

Keith Manuel
David Friedfeld $250.00
Jamie Mott
Jack Gunion $120.00
Heidi Della Pesca

Pressing onward toward the goal.... keep pedaling!


Kathy Chriqui

Thank you for your dedication.

Tom Bowman $500.00
Kayla Desola
Jackie Lincoln

Go for it Jay!

Keith Engley
Lorie Lippiatt

Thank you for what you do!

Gregg Kallish

It's wonderful to support such a worthy cause and two fantastic, caring people...Go Binki!!!

John Chrisagis


Jay good luck on this annual ride. Great cause you and Bettina are supporting, as there are so many. I hope yall win!

Barry Slovinsky $100.00
Michael Kling
Adam Rosengren $250.00
Matt Dixon

Jay and Bettina, thanks for allowing us to be a part of this effort. We appreciate and love ya'll!! Matt and Jenna.

Terri Roddam
David Nelson $250.00
John Marvin

Go get'em. Thank you for making this commitment to others and helping to bring healing.

Stacey & Pat Mignone

Thank you for continuing to support this amazing cause. Wishing you well on the ride!! Stacey, Pat, Emily, Giancarlo & Hannah


Keep rubber side down

Roman Diakiwski $500.00
Alan Glazier $250.00
Alan Glazier

Go get 'em tigers! In memory of Sharon Iskow Glazier

Natel Fagan

May God bless you all!

Simone Lewis

Congrats on such a wonderful cause! Keep up the good work and have a safe ride this year! ??

Carol Gordon
Holly Rush $50.00
Greg Hare $250.00
Susan Keene $120.00
Barbara Vaher

Best of luck!

Ryan Salter

Keep on Ridin'!!

Thomas Ford $100.00


Scott Philippe
Kelly Smoyer

Keep on riding!

Roger Wineinger

Always an honor to donate to such a worthy cause. Go JAY!!!

Dylan Reach

Ride hard!

David Mcmillan
Hal G. Rosenbluth $500.00
Lee Birnbaum

Have a nice ride! Great cause. Lee B

Derek McTyier
Evangeline O'Dowd

Thank you for your dedication to this worthy cause! Pedal!!!

Jill Showalter $250.00
Jill Webb

Always a pleasure to support you & Bettina and this great cause!

Gray and Nancy Sass

Special People riding for a Special Cause! Good Luck and Stay Safe! Buzz and Nancy??

Jason Preator

Keep up your great work in helping people!

Edward Beiner

Keep on riding for a good cause


Thanks for your steadfast determination to put an end to pediatric brain cancer. Ride on!!

Alisa Greenwald

Supporting my friends Jay and Battina as they ride and work for this wonderful cause!

Gary Morgan
David Wolf

Thanks Jay Binkowski for participating in this event. Glad to help!

Howard Greenberg

Good luck Jay. I am so happy to help with your wonderful cause. Keep safe !

Paul & Chandria Karpecki $250.00
Alan Berman

Thank you for this opportunity to support you. Keep up the good work. Have a great ride.

Brett Whittington

Goood luck!

Lance Snarr

Wonderful work you are doing! Thank you for the opportunity to give.

Steve & Beth Leeds

Thank you! Your ongoing commitment is what keeps this fight going against this monster.

Cheryl Moore
Ian Gaddie

Your butt better hurt after this bike ride!

Glen Funk

Carry on, ride on, and love on Jay and Betttina!

Evan Kestenbaum
Deb Bulken

I admire your ongoing commitment to this important cause! Sending lots of love and well wishes to you both! Deb

Paul Owston

Thank you for doing my friend and happy to support!

Thomas McAlear
Tom Arnold

Best of luck, Jay and Bettina. You're doing great work. Big congrats! -Tom

Creative Planning $250.00
Harlan Wittenstein
David Steuerman

always so proud of you both!!! XOXO

David Grosswald

Keep up the good work Jay and Bettina!

Daniel Rostenne

Don't worry, this doesn't take away from the house by the winery :-) Thank you Jay!

Ryan Faucher

Go get 'em Jay & Bettina!

Ami Ranani $100.00
Matthew Puzio $150.00
Shane Galan

good luck my friend

Arye Stern
Darren Horndasch

Cancer touches so many lives. Thank you for raising monies for such a great cause! You guys rock!

john bonizio

Jay and Bettina, you are very amazing people. It is my pleasure to support your hard work and dedication to PMC.

Dr. Jennie Zolman

Good luck! Thank you for your commitment over the years!

Rhonda Parfinovics
Joel & Judy Kestenbaum

Your dedication to this worthy cause is to be commended........ We are happy to support your efforts once again

Timothy Leland

GREAT cause...Thanks for your ongoing commitment. Good luck! -Tim & Melissa Leland

David Roth

Jay, May you ride with the angels at your back, for all who know you are blessed! Thank you for all you do to repair the world. Love ya, David

Evan Kaplan

Have a great ride. Hope you’re enjoying Charleston. Just bought a small place in kiawah. Hope to get there a few times a year.

C. Edward Buffington

Always here to support you Jay and Bettina!

Steve Slotchiver
Lindsey Clyde $500.00
Mark Snyder

the life of a man consists not in Seeing Visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service -LongFellow Thank you Jay for your charitable advice towards me & my f -LongBri

Dr Lawrence Nancy Kline
Dr Bob Maiolo
Kim Khanh Nguyen
Linda M Allen
Michael Berenhaus
Kavanagh Consulting LLC
Dr Mason Smith
West Hills Chiropractic Pain
Joe Schnorbus
Shane Galan

It sounds like a long bike ride, hope your bought a good pair of spandex pants good luck

Optometric Physician Washington $1,000.00
Jacqueline Janiec
Katie Lauver

The work you all are doing is amazing! Happy to support such a wonderful cause that helps to benefit the health of children fighting cancer.

My History

2021 $57,620.00 Virtual Ride
2020 $39,388.00 PMC Rider
2019 $37,210.00 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
2018 $22,702.00 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
2017 $30,558.00 PMC Rider
2016 $28,325.18 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
2015 $25,878.12 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
2014 $13,187.25 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
2013 $10,702.00 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
2012 $7,142.00 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
2011 $0.00 PMC Volunteer
2010 $0.00 PMC Volunteer