My Supporters

Julie Helmus $300.00
Roman Diakiwski $250.00
Jay Binkowitz

Binkowitz Family on behalf of the Gloria House Foundation

Ryan Faucher

Thank you Jay & Bettina for riding for such a great cause! Go get 'em!

Gregg Kallish

Once again I'm so thrilled to donate to such a worthy cause!!!

Masoud Nafey

Keep up the amazing work, you two! God bless.

Michael Kling




Kevin Rupp
Regina Zyszkowski and Jim Conforti $500.00
Dr and Mrs Dennis DeLee

You go Kermit

Brian Chouinard $250.00



David Friedfeld
Matt Hudson

Keep up the good work!

Scott Daniels
Erich Mattei

J, Bettina— Best wishes for an inspired ride!! -Erich

Deb Bulken

All the best to you! Thanks for all you do! Deb


Good luck on your ride! Rick Gadd

Thomas Arnold

Jay and Bettina - ride strong!!!! Warm wishes, _Tom

Daniel Rostenne

Go Team Kermit!

Ethan Goodman

Your dedication to this cause is amazing!

Cindy Huynh
John Marvin

Go get'em!

James McGrann

Jay & Bettina, Thanks for all that you do! All the best, Jim & Taryn McGrann

Jamie Mott
Glenn Rusk
Matt and Jenna Dixon

Thanks as always for your commitment to this event!!

David Johnson

In memory of Wini Manzo

Mark Snyder

Another opportunity to say thank you for the guidance. Thank you for changing my life and my families for the better. You're the best

Michael Della Pesca
Erica Sass

Keep up the great work!

Dan and Jodi McCall
Renato Cappuccitti
Kim Khanh Nguyen

Hope you guys exceed your goal Jay!

Jeffrey Cooper $120.00
Ulla Molbo $100.00
David Roth

In honor of the never-ending selflessness and caring of Jay and Bettina Binkowitz - truly persons committed to tikkun olam - repairing the world. Jay and Bettina, thank you for all you do!

Jason Cockfield $500.00
Mark Hinton
Paul and Chandria Karpecki

Great work you too!

Alisa Greenwald $60.00
Sharon Kagabines
Jerrod Pearce
Joseph Cortese
Edward Beiner
Thomas Hull
Chad Carlsson

Thanks for all you do Jay and Betina! You are truly loved and valued by so many. God Bless, Dr. CC

Ryan Rueckl

Hope you had a great ride. Keep up the amazing work! With love, Ryan and Shari

John and Beverly Pack

Thanks for all you do Jay and Bettina. God Speed!

Von Reagan
Christopher Kelly

Keep up the Great Work!


So proud of your continual efforts to support an amazing charity and help find a cure. Ride on!!

Dylan Reach
Mark Snyder

‘When we appreciate the worth of a person, we tend to impress the idea of that worth in our own minds, and thereby cause the same effect to be produced, in a measure, in ourselves’ I am thankful for

Daniel Liberman
Ryan Salter

Go Kermit!

Hal G. Rosenbluth

Jay & Bettina's continuous support of this cause tells you what good things it is doing.

Harald Vaher

We appreciate you!

Susanne Thomsen $120.00
Mark Wright
Roger Wineinger

Go Jay!!

Alan Glazier

Congrats to everyone on this noble endeavor!

Michael Daley

Keep up the great work!!!

Steven Leeds
Kelly Smoyer

Happy to support such a great cause. Thanks for riding!



Harlan Wittenstein




John Bonizio $250.00
Eric Eklund
Mark Stadlen




Steven Epstein

Jay & Bettina You are an inspiration and your continued support is inspiring and amazing Glad to help you attain your teams goal

Marc Wolfe

Go Jay and Bettina!!!!!

Brett Whittington
David Grosswald $150.00
Jason Preator

Best of luck to you on the race. Keep up the great work!

Katie Lauver

I love how big your hearts are. Happy to support this amazing cause! :)

Jill and Mark Vogel
Alan and Debbie Berman

Jay and Bettina - Keep up the great work that you are doing.

Rhonda Parfinovics
Evan Kestenbaum
Lance Snarr

As always, appreciate you both for the many good things you do to help make this world a better place. Keep it up! It’s making a difference!!!

Joseph Mills $120.00
Nicole Dalichau
Kim Khanh Nguyen

Thank you Jay and Bettina!

Paul Owston

Jay, thank you both for what you are doing for this cause and have a great ride!

Brian & Brian Armitage

Keep up the good work!! Enjoy the ride knowing you're making a positive difference in people's lives.

Glen Funk

Keep it up Jay, Bettina, and team!

Jack Gunion

Best of luck! Great cause.

Mike Tilleli

Happy to support your ride

Adam Rosengren $120.00
Tom Bowman

Keep up the good work!

Ian Gaddie $200.00
Stacey & Pat Mignone
Barbara Vaher

Best of luck!

amy stachler
Steve Slotchiver $500.00
Darren Horndasch

Thank you for raising funds for this worthy cause. Go Team Kermit!

Shane Galan

Great Cause Good luck to you both

Jill Showalter $500.00
Carolyn Martin Chang $500.00
Scott Philippe
Gary Morgan
Alan Winig

Jay Always glad to help. The Eye Designs team

C. Edward & Marci Buffington

Jay and Bettina, love your commitment to the PMC and Marci and I are so happy to sponsor you!

David Mcmillan

Good luck!

Ellie Margulis $250.00
Jill Webb

Such a great cause and congrats to you and Bettina on your 14 years of supporting it. Hope you’re both doing well!

Timothy Leland

Great cause...Thanks for doing this, and good luck!!

Jytte Andersen

Thank you

Claude Labeeuw

Love his team!

Rose Alafogiannis $60.00
Joshua Ponsano

Let’s a go!!!!!!!!!!

Margaret Logan $120.00
samuel schenker

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2023 $69,161.00 Reimagined
2022 $57,662.61 Virtual Ride
2021 $57,620.00 Virtual Ride
2020 $39,388.00 PMC Rider
2019 $37,210.00 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
2018 $22,702.00 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
2017 $30,558.00 PMC Rider
2016 $28,325.18 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
2015 $25,878.12 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
2014 $13,187.25 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
2013 $10,702.00 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
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