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?? I never had the chance to meet Evan, but from what my friends have told me he seemed like a wonderful soul

Deb and Rol Bourassa

You guys are amazing! Keep up the great work!

Lisa Dandeneau

Keep up the good work Aimee & Tim!



Tanya Pelosi
Elise Torello
Lera Johnson

This donation is given with love in memory of Taylor Renee Hess who transcended this world August 14, 2019.

Melissa Nobrega $100.00
Cynthia Donahue

Jasen, Sorry I missed the donation before the ride. But I know you can still add it to the race donations yes? Glad you had such a beautiful weekend. Cindy

Hal Walker

Riding for a great cause. Fund, research and hope for a cure Hal, Kate, and Jonny Walker

Louis LaBonte

Good luck, love you all!

kate pasquariello
Kerri Davis

Good Luck and Be safe!!

Pamela Legare
Brainsky Levinson, LLC $100.00
Elizabeth McDaniel
Margaret A. Pilaro

Peddle like the wind, oh mighty riders! Sending you good vibes, strength and love as I think about fireworks filling the sky!

Tracy Palana

Best of luck to all the riders!!

Kristen Paradise $25.00


In support of Jeff Richards

Donna and Dennis Trinque

Good Luck to all the Evans Crew Riders!

Sharon Gilson

Best of luck!

Danielle Jacinto $120.00
Nicole Daniels
Robert Burris
Obeline Plante

Good luck, Evan's Crew! Lots of love, Obe

Kim Hauser

I should have donated long ago but you can count on me now. ??

Julia Chaput
Nancy Thibodeau $25.00



Colleen Fisher

Rooting for you, Evan's Crew! Here's to reaching $1 MILLION!

Jennifer Johnson
Ray and Nancy Benoit $50.00
Erika Nicosia
Erica Tefft
Kristen Jahnz
Karlene Hogan $50.00
Angela Pugliese $100.00
Susan Cohen $100.00
Stephanie DiMauro $50.00


ML Voelz
Tammy Andruszkewicz


Good luck to Evan's Crew!

Shawna Edwards $180.00
Diane Bean

Always riding with you in spirit!

David Brown $25.00
The Vertex Companies, Inc. $500.00
Kelly Moran $100.00
Donald Cunningham

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2019 $196,018.95 PMC Rider
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