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Facebook Fundraisers $265.00
Kelly Roche
Craig Bren

#StrongWILLed Sports donation from fundraising.

Jamie Waterman

Thank you for all you do for our Wilms Warriors!

Crystal Peters

You guys continue to be a voice for the young ones who need it. Thank you for all you do for others!

Joe and Julie Gucciardi

Amazing job, Craig!

Adam Orlando $60.00
Jessica Gauthier
Roy Ballard

In memory of Evan. Thank you, so much!

Molly Silver

Good luck!!

Dawn Enos

Phew! Almost forgot/missed it!! Best of luck Oh and F-cancer!!!!

Kevin Downing

Best of luck on your ride! Keep pushing for those that need it most!!!

Zach white $20.00
Joe Nichols $40.00
Jeff Skaza
Michael Lattof $100.00
Marcia Cheverie

Good luck ??!

Timothy Vermette $100.00
Sue Thomas

have a great ride guys!!

Mark Unis $100.00
Chris Fredette

Thank you for all you do! Safe travels! ??

Thomas Gochis II $100.00
Neil Viner $60.00
Louis Mcgrath $60.00
Michelle Medlin




#fuckcancer #vickistrong #terrystrong

Rich Davis $60.00
Ted Braley $20.00
Andrew Coen


Courtney Melanson $20.00
Mark Sivils

Good luck guys!!!

Manny Mello $20.00
Michael Smith
Mindy Santaniello $60.00
Shannon Miller $20.00
Brendan Hurley $20.00
Toni Rowe $50.00


Thank you for riding for such a wonderful cause!

Erika Fisher
William Murphy

Good luck to all riding in this great cause

Douglas Miller $100.00
Leslie Archambault
Michael Marks
Rick Allain $100.00
Ryan DeMaria $60.00
Nicole Burke $25.00


moriarty robert $100.00
Lucy LeClaire $100.00
Andrew Broe

Great luck on a successful ride!

Janet Simpkins

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2022 $56,513.17 PMC Rider
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