Our Supporters


Christopher Lake $200.00
cynthia gesner
Edward Seksay

Pleased to support RTC BHB Team Berio

Elizabeth Moorhead $30.00
Suzzanne Parker $20.00
Todd Maddock


Melissa Guimond

Go Rockland Trust & Go Dylan - Stronger than ever!

Kathryn Owen $10.00
Robert Carl Reetz

Go Team Berio! Great to see the Blue Hills Bank legacy continue!

tracy bellavance

Go team Berio! Of all the wonderful things that Blue Hills Bank has created, this team and tradition are one of the most special!

David Houston $500.00
Holly Rutko

From one brave fighter to another.... You got this Dylan and you got this riders!!! Love Bella Kai Rutko

Laura Johnson

Hoping for a beautiful riding day for all of you!

Peter Manning
John Fraher $250.00


Safe Riding!


Go Get Em Dylan!!!!

Kenneth Crompton
Edyta Kacprzyk
David Kilnapp

In honor of George Kilnapp from his son, David


Our History

2019 $207,554.88 PMC Rider
2018 $334,743.87 PMC Rider
2017 $255,109.03 PMC Rider
2016 $267,141.23 PMC Rider
2015 $211,190.79 PMC Rider
2014 $244,452.28 PMC Rider
2013 $146,171.50 PMC Rider
2012 $83,898.60 PMC Rider