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Yay, Ann! You are amazing!

Charleen Tyson

Good luck!! I hope you have an amazing beautiful ride. Hope to see you before the summer is over!

Karen Slote
irene barry

The love and devotion you express each year that you give of yourself to this event is an inspiration. It is such a wonderful way to spread hope for a future with less lives lost to cancer. Good Luck!

Conrad Hall

Good luck to you Ann!

Alison Leonard

Great job & greater cause! Thank you for riding!

Maura Dunn

Good Luck !

Emily Manders
Charles Brophy

Ann good luck on the race.

Linda Nash
Loretta Connolly

Good luck Ann. You are terrific. Loretta

Sandra Heath

You are an inspiration, Ann Brophy!!

Meghan Fresta

You are awesome! Congratulations on this monumental achievement, again! And good luck!

sl woodworth

Hi there...wishing you a great ride this year and what a great thing you are doing. I work with your husband Chris and heard you were riding....again best of luck!

Kathleen Weiler
Mary Goodwin

Good luck Ann!!

Eileen McBride

Good luck Ann! Thank you for all your hard work and commitment to such a great cause, Eileen & John

Melody Maurer

Thank you, Ann, for your commitment to the cure! With you all the way-Bob & Melody

Kristen Shaughnessy $20.00
Darilynn Evans

Larry and I are happy to support you and your efforts in helping to find a cure for cancer. Best of luck!

Janet Placek

Good luck Ann, so wonderful you do this!

Jena Ulak
Wanda & Scott Creeger

We'll be riding with you in spirit. Ann, admire and appreciate you so much for doing the ride.

Susan Turgiss

Ann. Thank you for riding for Martha - so much love for a wonderful sister and a great cause. Susan and Bob



George Couto $50.00
Ronnie & Dave McMorris $100.00
Kathryn O'Malley

Your dedication is inspiring, good luck in your training, and have a great ride !

Thomas Kinnealey

Ann, thanks so much for doing this - it’s an expression of love, loss, remembrance, tribute, determination to make a difference and a change, all wrapped up in one - for all of us.

Matthew Brothers

What you are doing is very special and I'm happy to be able to help you towards your mission.

william hogan

Here you go again!!!

Allen Bernier
Rose Buckley $40.00
William Flaherty

Thank you!

Jennifer Watts
Robert Clement

Go Ann! You're an inspiration to sit next to

Rose Buckley

Good luck!

elaine kelleher

Good Luck Ann!

Michael Sandoval

Thank you for all your efforts!

Suzanne Harrington

Ann you are a true inspiration! Good luck!

David Chamberlain

Thank you Ann for your determination to help cure cancer!

Nancy Bailey

Keep up the hard work! Thank you for riding!

Russell Dieter
Adrienne Pretti

I love you and am blessed to know you and your wonderful family.

Kathy Merritt

Ann, you are amazing! Thank you for doing this!

Ann Childs
Michael Savage

Go girl go!!

Elizabeth Pinkus

Ann, you are my hero! We are all so thankful for women like you!

Mary Foley

Ann, thank you for doing this. I think of Martha frequently and I know she’d be so proud of you. Mary



daniel landers

Go Ann! Go!

Christine Ledin
Joseph Tansey

Good luck Ann.

Patricia Meaden

Thank you for riding. It takes a huge commitment to tackle this ride! I'm donating in memory of my Mom, Nancy Tucker, who lost her battle with breast cancer.

Jennifer Peden

Good luck Ann!

Wendy Zanellato
John Mcgregor
Ellen Spadorcia

Additional donation - thanks for the tip on getting a discount on auto insurance. :)

Ellen Spadorcia

You're amazing Ann! With folks like you fighting, I know we can make a difference!

Myles Prudente

Good job Anne and good luck in the race!

Kayla Correia
Frank O. Waterman & Associates, Inc

You rock Annie!

Thomas Ogrodnik

Martha's smile is beaming that you are battling to support cancer research in a way that's so appropriate and meaningful to you. Thank you Ann!

Mary Hogan

Martha will be with u all the way!

john kinnealey $150.00
Chris Kandianis

You are amazing!

Matthew Hogan

You are an inspiration for us all Ann Love you Matt & Faye

Jeannette Herr

Have a great ride, for a great cause. Stay safe Ann

Molly Ogrodnik
Loretta Connolly

Ann, you are an inspiration! Train carefully and good luck, Love, Loretta

Genine Murray $20.00
Deborah Guaragna

Wow, Ann, it’s wonderful that you’re doing this again! Good Luck! Love, Debbie and Peter

Jack Wheaton

Way to go Ann! Jack & Korey

Jesse Goff

This is a wonderful thing to do, Ann... xoxo


You strong, amazing woman. Enjoy the ride with Martha. ????

Nanette Spoehr

You are amazing Ann! Wonderful cause and incredible physical challenge. May the wind be on your back??

Lydia Hogan

So inspired by you Ann!! Love you xx

marian hannan

You are SO incredible! Thanks for letting us (virtually) ride along with you and support your wonderful efforts! Much love and luck, Marian & Hillary

Sandra Heath

Hi Ann, have a great ride!! Sandy Heath

Laura Gabel-Hartman

Ann, I think this is wonderful--what a great tribute to your dad and to Martha. All the best to you and to Dylan!

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