My Supporters

Sanchit Maruti

All the best Craig! Your kindness and generosity of spirit makes a tremendous difference.

Robin Schack $100.00
Diana and Larry Stolberg

Way to go Craig! We are rooting for you. What an amazing cause.

Meryl Stern

Heart of Gold, Knees of Titanium.... Love your dedication!


Your dedication to the sport of cycling, the PMC, and the cause, is truly inspiring. Family, friends, & colleagues alike, love and admire you for all you've done and continue to do.


Kyle Osher $100.00
Ken Niumatalolo

Mahalo my brother, for all the good that you do in this world for others!

Michael Childs $150.00
Michael Aagaard




Love ya Craig!


"Again?" asked Hare. "Again," agreed Tortoise. They turned to face each other. "We ride with persistence, we ride with purpose," said Tortoise. " So let us pause to reflect and celebrate us."

Jeff Behnke

The dedication is awesome Craig! Congrats

Michelle Smith

Go Craig GO!

Larry Rawson

I like supporting your thoughtful efforts

Melissa Lessar
David Mckillips
Roman Korab

Proud of you Craig...keep up the fight!

Ato Boldon $120.00
Laura Dunham


Continued success with this important effort, Craig! ????

Carter Thompson

Let's go Craig! This race is such wonderful event for a great cause and am glad that Vinny and I have the opportunity to support you :)

Doug Stern

Craig. Worthy cause even if your golfing needs work......

A Greene

Always proud of you Craig!

Craig Peterman
Jim Spanarkel

Good luck Craig

Denise Lay
Ed Placey

Stay safe please.

John Claster

Congrats Craig on your successful ride in the PMC. It’s a great event and Avery good cause

Ann Lutzenkirchen

Big Fan of Craig Silver!! Way to go, Craig!

Scott Davis

Congratulations Craig!

John Paquette
Kenny Albert
Kirk Sampson
Lori Nathanson


Rachel Wagner
Matt Stone
Tom McShane

Go Craig!

Gene Wojciechowski
JW Johnson
Jeffrey Silver

Way to go Craig!

Jen Falek

Mazel Tov, Craig! You are such an inspiration!

Steve Shaw

Craig - Jamelle and I are happy you made it through safely!! Thanks for what you are doing by giving back. We appreciate your friendship.

Rachel Goldflam
Tracy Wolfson
Emily Handler $25.00
Neil Silver $60.00
Fran Fraschilla

Craig, Always happy to help. Fran

Devron Edwards

God Bless you and what you do for so many!

Cris Eddings

Thank you for what you do!

Dava Schub

Go Craig Go!!! ~ your 590 fan club

Drew Gallagher

Congrats Craig, and best wishes for the season ahead!

Emily Cooling $50.00
Blake Berson


Keep pedaling, Craig!

Alissa Neil

Go Craig! Keep on riding!

Leigh Diffey $120.00
Michael Emrick

Hey Butcher - you go man. May the names of Georg Hackl, Eric Williams, LeRoy Burrell, and Pat Gillen be ringing in your airs - momentarily - when next you hope on a bike. Doc

David Glassman

Thank you for helping others

Kerry Jackson

Go get 'em, Craig!!

Robert Mincieli

Go Craig!

Jeff Amtman
David Flemming

Keep it on the road Craig!

Jamie Zaninovich
Larry Cohen

Craig, Joe recently told me of your Mom's passing. I am so sorry for your loss, and for not being aware when it happened. Would've loved to have given you a big hug for all we've been through. Larry

Timothy Weinkauf $100.00
Stephen McKee
Claude Nielsen
Craig Weinstein
Robert Jamieson

Don't forget your helmet!

Tim Sutton

Congratulations, and thank you Craig. Your Pan-Mass Challenge proves effort and determination foster positive results. That ride is a gift that keeps in giving. Roll On my friend. Tim

Kathryn Poe Switzer

Know you were glad to be back in the saddle! Here's to a great football season! ~ Kathryn

barry zeller
Daniel Weinberg

Congrats again on all you do for such a worthy and personal cause! Dan Weinberg

Ross Tucker

Great work as usual, Craig!

Ben Rachbach
Brian Movalson

Way to go Silver!

Steve Milton $120.00
Amy Salmanson

Congratulations on another succesful ride Craig!


Steven Rogers

Awesome as always!


A summer tradition! And glad you made it back safely.



Craig saddle up and ride rod a notable cause

Lina Silver

Beyond proud of you!







William Patrick
George Hill $120.00
Bernie Olivas $120.00
Daniel Obermuller

Well done! Keep on riding, Craig

Andrew Lee
Steven Braunstein

Happy to support you once again. Hope you watched out for the electric scooters! Steven & Amy

Nick and Terry Saban
Brian Jagoda
Jonathan Taylor $250.00
Brian Maher

Silver and Gold!!

John Caccamo
Shane Hibbs
Julie and Jon Meyersohn
Nick Marabeti

Craig - I know how passionate you are when it comes to riding, so more than happy to contribute to this great cause!

Eileen Adler

Congratulations on a great ride! Pure determination. That's how it's done! Eileen and Phil

Brian Jacobs
Bevan Mitchell


Byron Hatch
Jon Gerstel
Mona Goldberg $100.00
Scott Johnson
Jon Epstein
Gerald Hodges

Way to go Craig! I'm going to miss you guys this season. Sorry to see it will be the last one for the SEC.

Jack Kempner
Jim Cornell
Rick Diamond

Great job, Craig! Congrats!

Sara Fischer $500.00


Daniel Flanzig

Good luck!

john bogusz $100.00
Seth Davis

Ride On!

Jason Jennings $50.00
Tom Della Badia
Speros Dedes

Craig, you are my hero! Keep riding, brother.

John Faratzis
Clark Kellogg

Way to go Craig !


Craig, With respect to your dedication to finding a cure for something that affects all of us. Greg

Andy Goldberg
Woody Freiman
Phil DeMaddalena

Ride Safe Please. I need you this year.

Jeff Kimmel $120.00
Emilie Deutsch Schmitt

Craig - Congratulations on the effort this year with everything going on in your life. Big hug! Emilie

Kevin Almond
Christopher Byrum
Skeff Bisset

Sending our support! Your CT fam! The Bissets

Michael Aresco
Bruce Beck

Craig - I am in awe of your efforts. Ride On!

Sana Ali

Proud of you, Craig! Excited for your ride!

Dan Bonner

Craig, glad to see you’re still healthy to be completely insane.

Charles Bloom

Craig, you're a real mensch, you know that? Congratulations on making a wonderful positive impact.

Ali (Glyck) Sciarra

Such a great cause!! Good job Craig!!! Proud of you as always! :)

Kelly Dunne

Thanks for continuing the fight Craig!! Good luck and have a safe ride !!

Hugh Galyean

I am honored to partner with you in supporting this worthy cause.

Laura Liebesman London
Kevin Trainor

Congratulations Craig on another successful ride for a wonderful cause! Way to go my friend!

Neil Sarge McCaffrey $100.00
george schweitzer $250.00
Jason Rubach
Jose A Rodriguez

Proud of your tenacity

Sherman Fabes

In honor of Phil Sherman, a great man who died too soon of cancer. Go Get'em Craig!

+.Jak Silver

Congradulations on another successful ride for a great cause! I am so proud of you!

Artie Kempner

Way to Go, Big!!



Brian Jones $100.00
Neil Strahl

Keep up the great work!

Robert Fishman

Ride Producer Boy, Ride.....Don't hit any Tigers!

Ian Eagle

SO proud of you Craig!!!!

Norm Ogilvie

Jan and I were actually in the Bay State last weekend looking for something to do. Seeing you suffer on a bike would have been great. But seriously, we love your dedication to the cause. The best!


Happy to support you!!!

David Evangelista

So glad to see you continuing to ride and support this event, Craig! I hope it was a great weekend in MA.

Emily and Victor Ward

Congratulations on finishing biking for a great cause! You have a huge heart Craig and we are delighted to support your marathon ride for this terrific cause!

Barry Rohrssen

Bravo Craig ???? your commitment and passion continue to make us all proud! Love, The Slice Family ~Barry, Kerry & Rowan

Jim Nantz
Joe DellaBadia

Way to go Craig!

Dan Lacoff $50.00
Ruth Gersh

Impressed you managed this with all those bumps in the road.

Lynne Uiberall

Great job !!!!! Love you

Elizabeth Rubach
David McMahon
Hannah Slifstein

Congrats on an incredible accomplishment. I am always inspired by your strength & courage.

Jack Kelleher $250.00
Sean Mcdonough

Great job, Craig!!

christopher Svendsen

Great job - Congrats again!


Great job, Craig!!

Vincent Marino

Pam and Vince Marino are behind you 100%

Lesley Visser

Craig, we are grateful to you every year, both on and off the bike! love and thanks, lesley visser

Charles Davis
Jane and Rick Bernstein
Cory Fishman
Finus and Martha Gaston

Ride on, Craig!

Russell Stern $500.00
Charlie Graves
David Goldstein

Way to go Craig! Please be careful for the next 364 days until next years ride!

Liz Obradovich $125.00
Shelly Poe
paul Pomerantz

Keep on keepin on

David Schweid
Anna Slive Harwood

Craig, because you cycle for Slive. Because you are a mensch. Because we love you. Anna, Judd and Abigail

Larry Templeton
Eric Slifstein

Congratulations! What an incredible achievement.

Chip Howard $120.00
Steven Rachbach
Jeremy Foley $500.00
William O'Brien
Sam Goldstein
Debbie Antonelli

Craig, you continue to inspire! Way to go! Congrats on a completing a great service for some many!

Kevin Harlan

Congratulations Craig!

Jenny Dell

Congrats on another successful ride for a great cause!! Proud to be your friend! Love you, Craig!

Harold Bryant

Great cause. Keep peddling and be safe!

Ben May

Always an honor to participate with Craig in this endeavor!

Mike Arnold

Congratulations on another successful ride

Michael Kollender

Your work and dedication are truly amazing.. Have a great ride..



Stephen Bujno
Marjorie Oliver

As always we’re so proud of you!



We will always remember Rich! You're amazing.

Jim Donnan

Proud of you!

Andrew Catalon

Well done!

robert liano
Claude Felton
Ken Rosenblum

Congratulations Craig! In Honor of Aunt Phyllis.

Billy Stone
Margo Halle
Tricia Swanson

Craig, ride like the wind. You are incredible. Love, Tricia and John

kelly kahl

go craig!

Diana Lopez
Brian Anderson
Asher Feinberg
Benjamin Momo

Drive safely! See you shortly!

Randi Tannenbaum

Always a wonderful cause to donate to and support you!

Samuel Seemes

You are my hero

Scott Tesser
Scott Strasemeier $100.00
Philip and Lori Landau
Rich Waltz

Great job! Tougher than a road game at Tuscaloosa!

Jim Warden

Congrats Craig! Always keeping your frienship after all these decades in the forefront of my life. Love u!

corey saftler
Laurie Zelnick $500.00
Kenneth Mack
Neil J. Ambrosio Jr.
Vincent Accardi
Alan Cannon

Proud of my friend Craig Silver!

Ross Molloy
Andrew Esocoff
Rich and Lynda Snider
Susan and Robert Rosenberg
Barbara Kaufmann

It's Jack's fault.

My History

2023 $53,116.90 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2022 $44,744.10 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2021 $36,617.00 Reimagined
2020 $22,200.00 Wellesley to Bourne (1-Day, Sat)
2019 $33,780.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $32,100.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2017 $26,000.00 Wellesley to Bourne (1-Day, Sat)