My Supporters

Maura Brazel

You are going to kick ass! Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way! Love, Maura and Pat

Robert Sheehan
Nicole Chaloux-Pinette

Go Alex!!!

Katie Reid

Best of luck Alex! Enjoy the ride!



PMC Fundraiser at CycleBar

Ernie Greenslade

What a wonderful way to celebrate your Dad, Alex!

Andrea & Steve O'Reilly

Good Luck Alex! Much love from all the O'Reillys

Blair Shrewsbury

Go Pease!

Wendy Rosenbaum

We are so proud of your dedication to fight cancer in your Dad's honor. He was a special person and he will definitely be with you the whole way!! Cheers to you and Steve!!!!!

Kelly McGee

Let me know if you wanna do a (short) practice ride! Good luck ??

Lauren Brown

Go Alex!! :)

Michael Augustijns
Gregg Stetson
Amanda McTague

Best of luck Alex!

Ally Hepp

Good luck Pease!!

Mackenzie Lindland

I am so incredibly proud and inspired by you. ?? I know you will feel so amazing crossing that finish line. Love you! I am so lucky to have a friend like you!

Joseph Ryder $100.00
Doreen Newell
The Binettes

Go get'em Alex. All very proud of you. Enjoy the ride. The Binettes

Joyce Sullivan

What a beautiful tribute ?? Love, The Klingensmith Family



I had the pleasure of meeting pops and the great fortune to see my daughter befriend a lifelong wonderful person. Good luck Pease!

Mary McGee

Yayyy Alex, you are going to CRUSH IT!

Patricia Heintzelman

Good Luck Alex!! What a great tribute to your dad. He was one in a million! Ride safe and have some fun too!

Allison Kezer

Alexandra- Beautiful tribute to your day. Good luck. You’re going to rock it!??

Janis Foerster

Go Alex!!! You’re a rockstar.

Laurie Lundergan

Good luck, Alexandra!

Michele & David Gaudin

Good Luck Alexandra! We will be rooting for you!

Stephanie Tzortzis
Toni Ann & Dom Azzolini

Beyond proud of my beautiful Goddaughter Ali! Your Dad will be with you the entire ride with a smile on his face!! All for Stu Pease!! Love you so much!! Aunt Toni Ann & Uncle Dom ??

Evan Anagnostaras

Hi Alexandra, Best wishes on your ride in honor and remebrance of your Dad. I will never forget his positive attittude toard life and never ending love for his family. Good Luck!

Alanna O'Connell

From 'PG' to 'PMC'!!!! RIde like the wind. Inspired by you everyday my friend, best of luck <3

Jill Thorpe

Alex - this is a beautiful tribute to your Dad. God bless.

Suzanne Lafata

Thinking of all of you always ??

Dominick Azzolini

You are amazing, Ali! So extremely proud of you!!

Jill Godett

Good luck Alex! Look for Mark Houston!


You’re the queen of cycling!

Dawn Seymour

Your ride is beautiful tribute to your dad!

Bob Terrasi

All the best Alex, your dad was so proud of you and will always be with you!

Nancy & Michael Cardillo

You can do this ?????

Cynthia Burns

Good luck Alex! Such a great cause.

Mimi Tzortzis

Your dad is proud of you today and every day! Bravo for keeping his memory alive.

Kelly Jung

Nice work Alex!!

Bob Kampe $30.00
Capco Crane/Hoist Capco Parts

thinking of your dad, wonderful man! loved and missed by all who knew him! god bless, ride safe and have fun!

Jeannine Esposito

good Luck!!!!

Ann T Jackson

Proud of you for doing this Alex!

Mary Feltault

Way to go, Alex! Thanks for helping everyone to fight the good fight. xoxo

Mia Farnham

Good luck Alex!!!! You’re going to do absolutely amazing!

Brodie Green $50.00
Sandra Mraz

Good luck. Quite an undertaking????

Maureen Pease

So very proud of you, however no one is as proud as your Dad.



Andrea Pease

Uncle Mark and I are proud of you!

Alexandra Spencer $40.00

Go Alex! The Foster Family is routing for you! You've got this! Still making your Dad proud! XOXO

Molly and Steve Sylvia

Good luck Alex! xoxo

Erin and Brian Hoesly

You go girl! Amazing way to honor your Dad. ??

Cali Lavey

Proud of you bub!! WOOOO! xxo

John and Denyse Miller

Happy Birthday. Good luck with your ride we will be cheering you on

Andrew & Gianna Dunn
Laura Chadwick $25.00
Sam Schwartz $50.00
Olivia Bolles

So amazing! You go girl

Nicole Bonner


Tom Miller

May your rubber side remain down and shiny side up, you will crush it! Maura and Tom

Mary Burke Fox

You go girl! I lost a close college girlfriend to the same cancer that took your Dad. I went to HS with your Mom...sending love ?? and good luck on your ride. Your Dad would be so proud!

Natasha Low

Good Luck Alex! Your dad is so proud of you.

Hannah Mccoy
Debbie Consoles

Your dad would be so proud of you!! Best of luck.

Ellen Showalter

Go Pease!! You’ll absolutely kill it. Miss you xoxo

Ralph Meyers

Hi Alexandra, I knew your dad and I’m sure he would be very proud of you for doing this. Go Team Alexandra!!!

Jen Gemma

Go Alex!!!


Good Luck! -Steve & Ali

Gab & Jamie
Laurel Millett

I can see the big proud smile on his face??

Mike & Carolyn Duffy
Alexa Damato
Molly Burke

Go Alex!!!

Molly Jackel

Go Pease Go!!!

Samuel Coleman $60.00
Avika Shah
Emily Feltault

Way to go Alex!

Lisa DeFronzo $50.00
Patti Murphy

Good luck Alexandra ??!

Katelyn Lawrence

Amazing! Good luck Alex ??

Cheryl Pease-Truesdell

Wonderful tribute to your Dad. Hoping for great biking weather for you.

Kaylee Woods

You’re a rockstar!!

O'Leary Family

Go Alex!

Bridget LaPoint

Go Alex!!!

Kathy & Chris Reinke

Cheering you on!!!!??

Andrew Miller $125.00


Wayfair Charitable Giving



Go girl! So much love, Katie & Tom


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