My Supporters

Susan and Bill Mcclements $100.00


Gabriela Benjamin

Thank you buddy!




Marquardt Family

Proud to be the parents of this rider, we all thank you Alexander. xoxo

Michael Mandola

Go Alex!

Betsy Korona
Sally + John DeNapoli

Go Xander! Cheering you on from West Yarmouth.

Paul Alecce
kim, brian & calla privor
Brian Walsh $100.00
Paula Dodge
Fernando Suarez

Good luck on the journey. Glad we can help this cause. Fernando and Elizabeth Suarez

Kaylee Hartung
Molly Hunter

Yallah!! Cheering from London! Molly

Salt & Sundry

Ride like the wind, y'all

Dana Marquardt

Alex and I are proud to support Team Beans, and your sisters will be with you in spirit during every mile this weekend! Ride like the wind xo

Rene Marsh

Thank you for riding for so many children. Including my Blakey



Gustavo Martinez
Megan Jasson
Megan McBrien


Proud of you Xander! We will be thinking of you, Rachel Rose and our other angels during your ride. Enjoy every minute! ??P & co


Thank you for riding and encouraging people to help in any way they can. This is also in honor of my beloved Auntie Aiko.

Jane Tight

Remembering Rachel and many others! Thanks for the effort team Bean!

Kari Foote $250.00
Zack Cohen $30.00
Gabriel Cohen $120.00
Mollie Lee
Gary Peterson

For all the dear ones we know who have suffered this dreaded disease...






Pablo Illanes $200.00
Seth Anderson










Darya Tarasova $60.00
Meredith Sharp

Thank you! So much love and gratitude from the Sharp family! Ride on!!!

Dave Neway
Michael Carlson

Love that this is becoming a tradition. Have a great ride, hermano. Don’t forget to eat some ice cream.

Imtiaz Tyab

Ride like the wind!

Clarissa Ward

So proud of you all and cheering like crazy for Team Beans! Xxx Clarissa

Taylor Storms
Stacey krozser $60.00
Sarah Mosbacher
Carrie Montague
Francine Smilen

Thank you. I am Beans’ bereft Bubbe. I do appreciate you and the CNN team for your compassionate understanding and commitment. In memory of Francesca.

Robert Hall

Our very best wishes from Luxembourg to you and all the Marquards, Alex! I remember Rachel and Dana, those days here in your early formations. Great work here and on CNN!

Sandra Marquardt

So proud of you doing this. Rachel will be cheering you on! Xoxox

Michael Callahan $100.00
Nancy McClements
Lauren Pratapas
Nycci Nellis
kevin bohn

Good luck everyone! Rooting you on fir this great cause!

Andrea Gelardin

Amazing work for an amazing cause! Sending love xox

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2022 $15,662.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2021 $27,589.80 Reimagined