My Supporters

Facebook Fundraisers $615.00
Andrew Moser $25.00
Juan Ramonsoto

Good luck!!

Scott Gabrielson

Dedicated to memory of Elaine Churson-Gabrielson

Elizabeth Meyer

Happy to support you reaching your goal, as you support so many in reaching their goals!

Marie Rudzinsky

So thankful for all the riders but especially you, NANCY, pulling through the way you do, perseverance and determination are your game, thank you for riding in spirit !

Jim Cinamon

Nancy, thank you for your commitment to this great cause!

Suzanne Candee

Thanks for who you are, and all you do!! Donating in honor of my Mom, Prudence Ann Kamens Candee, who lost the battle with Pancreatic Cancer in 2001.

Lissa Welles

Love you and who you are for possibility of healing in this world.

Valerie Paul

"Ride" on Nancy! Thanks for railing all that important money even if you can't get on the bike quite yet...

Andrea Green
Lori Benson

It will seem strange for you not to be riding this year, Nancy. Your warrior spirit will be with them! I hope you raise a lot of money for Dana Farber anyway. Love and get well soon! Lori & Tim

Peter Hill

Thanks for riding in the Pan Mass for cancer.

Kathleen Gaffney

We are with you all the way! Thank you for riding once again. You go girl!

Megan Momtaheni

Best wishes in reaching your fundraising goal!

Thomas Charbonnier

Thanks for all your hard work Nancy.

Emily and Jon Welch

Thanks for all you do to cure cancer!

Michael Satter

Nancy I wish you a speedy return, miss you from spin!! Take care.

Wendy Pyne

Thanks for doing this Nancy!

Christopher Pazienza $50.00
Jana Scholten

I'm happy you're healing and still supporting the cause.

Justin O'Connor $30.00
Peter Dana

So sorry to hear about your accident. I wish you a speedy recovery!

Karen Bachrach
Lawraine Moran
Liz Page

Good Luck Riders!

Eric Schiowitz $50.00
Peter McMahon

Hey Nancy, your a battler that will always come out on top.

Anna Chichinov $50.00
Stephen Levine

Nancy...…..thanks for all you do to raise funds to help find a cure for cancer.

Teddy Sullivan

2 Silent Auction Winners

Nancy Shatz

Wishing you a speedy recovery

Diana Abata
Maria Tinglof

Feel that wind in your hair as you ride this one in your mind. Stay strong my friend. Travel far.

Kristen Culver

Nancy, believing in you and the good work you do!

Arlene Lieberman

It's just as important to give in honor of healing journeys as it is to give in honor of biking journeys. Glad you are healing and glad to support PMC!

Mark Shaffer

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Joe Cunningham
Kim Simone
Melissa Lord

Nancy, S&G so admires your strength and spirit in a time of personal adversity by continuing your focus on this amazing cause. Get better soon!

Rena Freedman $30.00
Frank Oppedisano

Jeanne Anastos gave me your name. Thanks for riding and good luck!

Adam Moran $25.00
Richard K. Moran $25.00
Ellen Moran $25.00
Teresa Royer $50.00
William Bluestein

Hope you will be able to ride

Rena Freedman

I'm donating to this event in honor of Nancy Cantor.

Sheila Watnick

Here’s to another winning year!

David Cushing $50.00
Patricia Hebert

Happy birthday

James Pronko

A great cause..best wishes on your ride and thanks for your efforts??

Gage Heath

We are supporting you with love! Ride on and thank you!

Barry Braunstein

Hi Nancy - PMC is a wonderful cause - great to see you're helping!

Karen Dorhamer-Fadden

Nancy, thanks for all your efforts to raise funds for this important cause!

Justin OConnor

Thanks for inviting me!

Donna McCarthy $25.00
Fabienne + Daniel McEleney $25.00
Petrer Ojerholm

Have a great ride

Arlene Lieberman

Great work and best of luck with the Ride

Melissa Lord $40.00
Adrienne and Kevin Capaldo $25.00
Debra Miranda $25.00
Janet and George Drummey

For those that are survivors, those still fighting, and those we have lost. There are too many to mention by name. The Drummey family has benefited significantly by those that have come before us.

Jose Chaves
Daniel White

Good luck!

Susan Tarini
Michael Barry

Congratulations to you, Nancy for your faithful dedication to the PMC! Good Luck again this year.



Judith Rizoli

u go girl !!! luv u!!

Ellen Thompson

good going Nancy! proud of all the work you do and that I know you!

Mitchell Cantor
Brian Abbott $25.00
Jennifer Johnson
Jeffrey Lynch $25.00

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