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Doug, we know you’re riding in spirit this year, but by next year you’ll be up and ready to go. Thanks for doing so much in the fight against cancer!

alan macdougall $30.00
Marsh Sutherland

Keep it up Doug!!

Michael Hill $60.00


Bill Soistmann $25.00
Catherine Campbell

We will hold a chair on the porch for you in PTown!!

Jason Meserve $120.00
Rachel Mcenroe

I hope your recovery is going well - thank you for all you do to raise money!

Mike Pascucci

All the best, you are doing such a great thing here, year in and year out

Mary Lyons Hunter
Gus Desgroseilliers

good luck /_\

Bryan Person

Bummed for you that you can't ride this year, Doug. Hope your recovery is coming along well!

Shannon Curry Hartmann

Sorry that you won’t be riding this race Doug! Disappointing, to say the least. You can relate to recovering patients’ frustrations & worry. How cool that you’re raising significant funds for them!

William Corrigan

Thanks for keeping going and hopes you will ride for real next year

Rich Hilliard

Doug, I hope your recovery is going well and that we'll see you on the bike next year!

Stephen and Leslie Fabry

Thanks for you commitment to the PMC!

Jon Marston

You have truly given your all for the cause this year. Next year, no accidents please!

Dan Kennedy


Roy Krantz $60.00
Megan Hale $120.00
Howard Greenstein

Doug, you’re an inspiration on or off the bike.

Kevin Whalen

Doug, thanks for all you do to kick cancer's ass.

James Punishill $100.00
Christina Carlson

Go Doug!

Gary Lombardo

Good luck, Doug!

Wayne Isleib
Bennett Sawyer
Timothy Patterson

Sorry to hear about your injury. Hope you are better soon! Looking forward to seeing you after the next year's ride!


may the roads be kind and the wind at your back

Todd Van Hoosear

Hope the healing continues well, and look forward to seeing you back on your bike soon! - Todd & Mailin

Jack Vinson

Hope you heal those bones while this donation finds cures for cancer. Will they even let you ride a stationary bike yet?

Dee Dee Schreitmueller

Glad that you’re healing!

Rob Haslam

Doug, It's a shame what happened to you and I can only imagine your disappointment in not being able to ride this year. I am pleased to see the donations coming through anyway. Thank you!

Frances Chow
Erin Callanan
Gretchen Rice
Kelley Kassa

Sorry you won't be riding this year, but I'm more than happy to support your efforts. Best of luck in your recovery!

Dan Perkins

Get well soon!

Kevin Brosnan

Hope you’re feeling better every day Doug! Miss having someone around to talk music (and more importantly, make fun of bad musicians) at work! Wishing you a speedy recovery and minimal Billy Joel!

Joyce Bettencourt

Thank you Doug for continuing to raise funds to help fight cancer, even through the recent challenges!

Lisa Riss $50.00
Marc Davino

Having lost both of my parents to cancer, I am so grateful to you and all of the other riders for doing this, especially to you for how long you've been at it. Here's to a speedy recovery!

Marian Brent

Sorry to hear about your mishap, Doug. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Terrie Pirozzi

We are happy to support your PMC goals and hope you are feeling better every day, Doug!

Bernadene M. Haslam
Lori and Jim Sylvia
Bob Leaper
Bruce Gore

Stacey and I are proud to support your efforts once again this year, Doug.

Catherine Guarino $100.00
Alexis Brooks

Doug, Have a great ride! Alexis Brooks & Billy Spitzer

Cathryn Hrudicka


You're an inspiration Doug! I hope you're feeling better soon...

Tiffany Curci

Go, Doug - stoked for your continued support of this cause!

Saori Tsolov
Clif Stoltze $250.00
Kami Huyse

Doug, Hoping you hit your goal! Such an important cause. Kami

Nikki Healey

Miss you Doug. Looking forward to getting together for some drinks and laughs.

Margaret Evans

Nothing stands in your way, Doug. Well done, you!

Robin Schultz

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Doug. Thank you for continuing to raise money for this excellent cause.



Diane Leblanc

sorry that you were thrown off your bike. I hope you are okay. Good for you for continuing the challenge.

Sharon Greenstein
Kathleen Moniz

Hope you achieve your goal!

Judith Levenfeld
Elizabeth Puleo
Tracy Clark

We loved you Doug! Tracy, Johnny and Chobee

Michelle Turner

Doug - Even though you won’t be able to physically ride this year we honor your continued fund raising efforts and salute your determination. Here’s to a speedy recovery!!

Lynne LeBlanc

What a fabulous guy you are to keep this going!

Clark Taylor
Catherine Cote

Hi Doug, I’m sorry to hear about your accident! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Thanks for all you’ve done to help crush cancer—a personal struggle for my family and so many others. All the best! —CC

Lois Ardito $50.00
Rachel Hildebrand
Colleen Toole


From Beth & Eric - Feel better soon.

Kamala Hess

Ride in spirit, man!

Bob LeDrew

Much respect, Doug! If you ain't crashin', you ain't racin'! You'll be back in the PMC next year, I'm sure.



Brandon Williams

Thanks for doing this again. Hope you have a speedy recovery! Go Dough! - Kiki and Brandon Williams

Tori Manogue
Tina Sparling
Kate Laurion
Alex Yap-Dubois
Laura Ackerman

Speedy recovery!!


Joel Bard
David A Svet

Ride hard, Doug is with you!

Barbara Gavin

Proud to support you and this important cause. Sure hope you’re feeling much better soon.

Britt Raybould

Good luck with the recovery, Doug!





Bruce Gellerman

Thank you, Doug. Have a speedy recovery.

Linda Wrinn

For all my patients with cancer, especially JR and Colleen’s mom.

Luke Armour
Howard Goldfarb

F$&@ Cancer go get em Doug!

Ellen Rossano
Chad Northrup

Get well soon, Doug!

Timothy Allik

Doug, I can't believe you've been doing this for 14 years and it took a truck accident for me to finally make a donation. Best health and wishes my friend

Eric Schwartzman
Joseph Cascio

Get well soon, @dough. And I hope you are well enough to ride in August.

Patty Greene

In Memory of my beloved husband, Frederick. Lets kick cancers butt!

Dino Rossi

Hope you heal quickly!!! Thinking of you Pal ??

Jeffrey Esposito

Because you look better in rights prehospital ride

Brad McCormick

Go Doug Go!

Matt Cooney $100.00
Mark Navin

Good luck Doug!

Trish Fontanilla
Jessica Peck

Go Doug!!

Amanda Verdino

You're inspiring, Doug!

Beth Cooper

All my very very best, Doug!

John Corbett

Go Doug! ????????????

Susan Koutalakis



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