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Marian Brent

Best wishes, Doug!

Gerri & Ron Wachtmann
Marc Davino

You are a true inspiration for getting back on your horse, er, bike. As someone who lost both parents to cancer (one at 46, one at 70), I appreciate you and all the riders for raising vital funds.

Terrie Pirozzi

Congratulations, Doug, for getting back on the bike for another wonderful PMC! Rob and I wish you all the best during PMC 2022!

Helen Flagg
Sharon Greenstein
Bruce Gore

Stacey and I are so proud to support you again this year in your ride!! GO get 'em!

Elizabeth Dill

Good luck Doug!

Timothy Patterson

Good luck Doug, we will save you a seat on the porch!

Jonathan Fabry
Jon Marston

Thanks for riding, and STAY SAFE THIS YEAR!

Diane Leblanc

good luck this year. Happy you can ride



Great job Doug! You're amazing to get back on the road so quickly

Michelle Turner

We are behind you all the way Doug! Hoping for the best ride you can have - and thank you for raising money and awareness for us all!

Rob Haslam
Patty Greene

Go Doug!

Joseph Cascio $50.00
Paul Delaney

Good luck Doug.

Robin Schultz

Good luck in your recovery and training. Always wishing you the best! Thanks for raising money for this great cause.

Jeffrey Esposito

You look amazing in spandex. Hope that you avoid all the trucks this year.

Julie Coppenrath

Best of luck on your ride. Thank you for your dedication to such a great cause.



Kathleen Moniz

Good luck, Doug! Hope you do well.

Eric Rochow

Always good to hear from you Doug, fun how we met at one of those tech meetups long ago :) - Eric.

Eric Andersen

Have a fantastic ride this year, Doug! Your dedication despite injuries is inspiring!

Lisa Desrochers

You are an inspiration to all families who have been affected by cancer. Thank you for riding once again to help people like my parents, Ellen and Bob Parker!

Jim Storer

Go get 'em Dough!

Heidi Massey

Go Doug! Thank you for your tenacity and resilience in your fight against this terrible disease.

Judith Levenfeld

So glad you are back for such a worthy cause. You are amazing!

James Punishill $250.00
Bernadene M. Haslam


Kate Laurion


Susan Koutalakis


Kristina Ferrari


joshua ratty
Kevin Whalen
Amy Vernon
Jack Leader

You were down, but not for long.

Chad Northrup

Ride like the wind, DOUGH!!


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