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Donna Hazard
Kathryn Angell

Taylor, We are so glad you are riding for this cause. We wish you all the best on it. Kathy & Dutch

Jeffrey Meltzer
Zachary Esakof
Mike Valdes
Olivia Welch
Barbara Lamont $30.00
Corie Charpentier

Happy cycling Taylor!!

Mary Mullin

Proud of your commitment!

Carol Galvin
John Brackett
Steven Kandrac $40.00
Carol Zais
Abby Ward $100.00
Barbara Friedlich
Marty Gomez $100.00
Pam Dyer
Elizabeth O'Connor

Go Taylor!!!!

Bobby Witkop 2249

Good luck Taylor! I want a quilt!

Susan O'Connor
Claire and Tom O’Connor $500.00
Marilou Lang

Good luck Taylor. Great cause. Go get ‘em!

Tom Witkin

Proud of you for doing this.

Conor Welch

Great cause- ride fast!!


Taylor - Stay upright!

Elizabeth O'Connor

Enjoy the ride, Taylor. You are an inspiration. I will be thinking of you and sending you good karma. Liz

Deborah Robinson
Joan Popolo

Happy to support you and the Pan-Mass Challenge for Dana Farber, Taylor. Have a great ride!

Katherine Woolford

Ride on!

David Levere
Claire Baumgartner
Corinne Meyer

Thanks for riding!

Susan Iuliano
Sara Mattern
Ryan Lind
Kathryn Moore

Good luck, and enjoy the ride!

Alison Rogers

Congrats Taylor! Have fun :)


Shaheen hakimi

Pedal faster!!

Dawn Kotowicz

Good luck, Taylor!

Zoe Lee

Good luck Taylor!!

Carl Vitzthum
Josh Balk
Harley Hayes

Go Taylor!!

Jordan Team

Woohoo go Taylor!!

Katie Weiler $50.00
Alissa Peterson

Congrats on this! Can't wait to hear about the journey!

Ian McDonnell

"There is a lot riding on this" is a terrible pun! But a good cause, have fun and wear sunscreen

Jessy LeClair
Luke Sawitsky
Gordon Witkin

Taylor, thanks to you for fighting the good fight on behalf of Sandy's memory!

Ben Borchard
Abigail Carroll
Boris Perlovsky

Great cause, ride on!

Susan Whittemore and family

Hey Taylor, good for you! I love what you’re doing. And I thank you on behalf of my mom and my whole family.



Diane Benson

It's an honor to support you so you can support Dana FCI

Millicent Pitts

Best of luck!

Christopher Webb
Claire Baumgartner $60.00
Kelly Baumgartner

Good luck and hope the weather is nice.

Samantha Murray

Gooooo Mater!!


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2022 $6,814.89 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2004 $0.00 PMC Volunteer