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Facebook Fundraisers $1,176.80
Kerry Downey

You are an inspiration. Sorry I am completely lame and late with a donation! Congratulations.

Sean and Angela Alton

Thanks for all you do, Theresa! Keep riding, sistah!

Jim Kippenhan

You are an inspiration Cousin! This year I donate in memory of my shipmate Dennis and my childhood neighbor Al. Both lost to cancer within the last two weeks.

Megan Bowes

Love seeing your lovely smile while kicking cancer to the curb! Ride on, my friend!



Patricia Camacho

Congratulations! Awesome job Theresa! ??Toby and Paty

Joel Kreps $100.00
Dawna Thompson

You are an inspiration, my friend! ??

Erin Bonney

Go Theresa!

Mary White

So proud of you, you help me persevere. In memory of Wendy O'Neil.



Mark Pennisi

Thank you, T!! Love you!!

Rosemary Crawford

You are such an inspiration and so entertaining for your followers as well. Your passion and dedicated focus to this ride and its cause. Ride well be safe stay hydrated celebrate your passion Cousin!



Go Theresa (and Andrea)!!

Pat and Chris Wentworth

Proud of you cousin! You keep riding to fight the fight for yourself and for many others. I always think of you this weekend and whenever I hear "This is my fight" song by Rachel Platten

Jo Hainey $25.00
Dorothy E Hurley

Theresa: I'll be "virtually" on the corner of Great Plain and Central Street in Needham cheering on Loie, you, and all the other PMC riders. A hearty "Thank you for riding" to all! Dottie Hurley

Sandy Feehan

You're amazing Theresa. Keep on keeping on:)

Christine Otoole


Cindy Ennes

You go Girl???????????????????????????????????

Tiffany Thomas
Jennifer Hochschild



Great job on land and at sea!

Nikki Shearman $250.00




Susan Weiss
Kevin Dutt
Patricia Robinson
Marcia Borensztajn

Go T!!!! Thank you so much for everything you do!! Love you so, so, so much!!

Sara Gordon

Like the Energizer Bunny, you just keep going with inspiring enthusiasm, Theresa! This is a GREAT cause and makes life safer for our kids. Thank you on behalf of all cancer survivors.


If falling off a draft horse into a ditch didn't defeat you, cancer never stood a chance. You have my constant support, T. Laugh on, sister!

Francis Tracy $100.00
Donna Simek

Best of luck to you Theresa, although I know you don't need it. The power of positivity will carry you through.

Joan Mcneil

You are my inspiration!!! You rock this world! ??

Joanna Porvin

Love from Detroit

Colette Mcgonagle

Rock on Theresa! Ain't No Stoppin' You! XO

Barbara DeFabio

Theresa, you are an inspiration! Happy riding and good health!

Amy West

Rock on, Theresa! ?? Trish and Amy (and Dolores and friends)

Alyson Conover $50.00
Mike Scanlan

You are thought about more often than you realize and have been the biggest inspiration. Glad you’re on the planet for a while longer. Many more rides ahead.:)

Edward Ferland $100.00
Malcolm Lovett

I’m not sure if the ride will happen this year, but I wanted to support the mission either way. I hope all is well with you, Theresa.

Karen Lyons

Theresa, you are my hero, thanks for your efforts!

Donna Vanderclock $250.00
Michelle Personick
Sandy Feehan

Theresa, you're an amazing person who has inspired me since the day I met you. Thanks for being the most upbeat, giving and loving person you are:) Sandy

Camilla Sutter

Kicking butt in so many ways. GO T!

Sara Rex

Theresa, you are a huge inspiration to me, beginning in our days of rowing together. Love you, girl! You go!! Sara xoxo

Jim Crawford
Jennifer Hochschild

congratulations to you, Theresa, and everyone else working at or being treated at Dana Farber. You are an inspiration to us all - how many meters on that one day of racing? sheesh!!

Beatrice Sims
Leslie Riding

Ride like the wind.

Joanna Porvin

Sending all kinds of Detroit love,

Susan Fisher

So glad you're sticking with PMC!

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