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As always, I’m inspired by this most amazing team! Way to get it done Unicorns! ???????????

Cher Knight

YAY--we are so proud of all of the Unicorns! Have a great ride everyone, and sending special love to the Preston Posse :) Cher, Brooke & Bea

Primal Wear-Shawna Edwards $117.00
Frederick Barber
Amy Mulrenan
Sile Dooley

Thank you for doing this and wishing you a great ride in August!

leyla kimball


Ray Wells
Jenna Barry
Bettina Parks

We are always cheering for you!

Meghan Goughan

Ride swift and strong. We are behind you every pedal stroke! Caroline and Meghan

Janine Kutylo

Always happy to support you!



It's nice to remember Ted and support this great cause at the same time!

Jon Clark $250.00
Kate Freeman

You are amazing Beth!! Will be cheering you on from afar!

Christian Presley
kevin moorehead

Sending hugs and support from Virginia Beach! doug, kevin, will and claire

Michaela Menard

You are amazing!!

Susan Gould $1,000.00
Sneha Patel

Do this for Ted!

Megan Scipione
Lauren Iacono
Jack Resneck
Bill and Carmen Salmon

Safe ride!

Lisa Taylor $250.00
Tiffany Williams
Del Lebel

This is such an important cause, and I’m happy to contribute!

Kaitlyn MacCarrick $100.00
Robin Yanucci
Jane Murphy $100.00
Julie Matule
Susan Morse
Steph Murray $100.00
Laura Steenburgh

I'll be riding with you in spirit. I'm so impressed by your strength and all you do to contribute to the cause.

Donna von Halle
margot Dorion

Hope you have a great ride, Beth!!

Debbie Butler

Go Beth and Team Preston! You are all amazing!

Julie Hammond

We think of Ted often, especially when we are on the soccer field..Go Beth and Team Ted!!

Lisa Ennis

In honor of the one-and-only Ted Preston who we all miss so much.

Martin Denning

Go Ted's Unicorns...with you all the way! And, see you at the finish line here in Ptown! Hope you enjoy a great ride. Cheers to Ted!

Julie Tempesta

You are amazing Beth!!

Susan Kushlick

Thank you for connecting us with Ted’s memory. Love to all the Preston’s Kushlick family

Laura Turenne
Ann Cheston
Rebecca Trachsel
Emily Hayes
Laura Keating


David Gagne $20.00
Ali Wilson

What an incredible cause. You guys are going to rock this yet again!!! Good luck!!!!

Jason Berv

I love that you continue to do this. Lots of love to Ted's Unicorns, Beth and family.

Adam Howard $120.00
Alexander Packard

Go Beth and Team Ted! It's a great tribute to Ted to see so many people rallying around this important form of cancer research. I look forward to seeing you at the PMC!

stephanie hutchison
Michelle Linn

Good luck, Beth! We will be cheering you on from the end of our street when you ride through Barnstable!

Dorothy Brophy
Tracy Kinsey

Go Ted's Unicorns! We are cheering you on with every pedal stroke!

Laurie Russell
Dan Beliveau

Great to see you guys back after Covid. Good luck!

Dana Diamond
Kiersten Christensen
Kevin Kelcourse

Good luck everyone! Ted will be watching!

Jim Ryan
Carrie Rose
Alexander Dimatteo $120.00


John Stanley

Keep it up Timmy

David Borah $120.00
Tomislav Matic
Evelyn Sayers

I am thinking about Ted a lot as we head for Providence to celebrate our 30th college reunion. I am grateful to have some way to mark it. Sending love to you all!

Kristin O’Malley Baine

Good luck to the riders in the PMC! Thinking of you Beth and your kids!

Robert Martin


Michelle Ross

So proud of you! Keep up the great work.

Kristin O’Malley Baine

Good luck Beth! We are rooting for you! Thinking of you and your family!!

Sarah Derby

You got this, Prestons!!! Love, The MacDerbys

Jack Resneck

Thanks for doing this Beth!!!

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