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Tommy & Lisa Cohen

In memory of Gail Rogin.

Michael Russo

In VERY LOVING memory of sweet Gail....her memory is always a blessing....and....I keep finding feathers everywhere!

Paul Zalmezak

In honor of Gail. You are a good brother Steven.

Michael Guld

Steven, Natalie and I were so very very sorry to hear about Gail's passing. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

Heleen Grossman

Steve, remembering Gail with fondness and keeping you and your entire family in our thoughts and prayers. Heleen

Robert Bensman
Beverly Caplan

It is with love to support you in honor of Gail. It is my hope that one day a cure for cancer will help others.

Susan and Ed Clayton

Thinking of you, of Gail and your whole family. May we see major progress this year in treating and curing cancer.

Sameer Kazi

Steven - terrific to meet you and ride alongside you this year. Until next year.

Thomas Theodore
Daniel Beard

Steven, This is a very sweet way to honor your sister! Good luck! Danny & Lourdes

Kristen Rajagopal

I'm sure Gail would be proud of your efforts.

Michael Collins
Steve Schwartz $100.00
Ronald Weinert $250.00
Russell Colton

Steven - So sorry to hear abut Gail. Hope your ride went well.

Daniel Kach

Good luck on the ride, hope it goes great!

James Shayman

With fond memories of Gail.

Terri and Steve Winter

Steven, Good luck this weekend! You continue to inspire us all! Gail would be proud… Terri and Steve

Susan Knight

Have a good ride!

Stuart & Linda Shayman

Ride, Steven, Ride!

Benjamin Rogin $500.00
Armen Minasian

Great job! For such a great cause. Thank you.

James Nash $200.00
Alison & Andrew Bloom

Have a great ride!

Christopher Dillion


Good Luck with your ride Steve, from the folks at DMA

Bill GUTHMAN $25.00
Christian Staudinger

Have a good ride. Looks painful. :-)

Burt Gordon
andy salk

Steven--my condolences on the loss of your sister. All the best to you and your family, Andy Salk

Jay Warren

Stephano...sorry to hear about the passing of your sister, Gail. Safe travels and hope you exceed your dollar goal! Jay

Faye and Craig Lefkoff
Irwin Heller

In honor of Gail.

Lucas Philips
Ed Wittenstein $250.00
Miles Leon $250.00
Marcy and David Kirshenbaum

Gail is smiling down at her amazing brother! Be safe!

Michael Rose
Alexandra Markarian
Barry L. Zipperman

Steven, This year, as you say, your ride will be different. I encourage you to feel your full range of emotions through which there will be healing. I send my love and support. Barry

Marcia Cleveland
Daniel Shayman $100.00
Lee Harkleroad

ride hard ding ding

Michael Lieb

Steve you’re one of my longest dearest childhood friends and your sister was a good lady I’m sorry for your loss

Debbie & Joe Kasle
Willie Harris

thanks for supporting a good cause and let me know if you need help spelling in the future.

Bobby Lieb


Ben Neuberg
Mark Levy

Steven: We are happy to support you and do this in memory of your sister Gail. Ride with Pride!

David Smolensky
Raymon Grossman

Great work

Nicole & Mike Auerbach

This is a great cause and a very fitting tribute for Gail.

John and Ann Adamson

So sorry to hear about the loss of your sister, Steven. You and yours are in our thoughts and prayers. Go get 'em! John & Ann

Steven Brown
Lorence Merritt

I didn't have time to train. I don't need to train. It's only 193 miles. I brought a bottle of ibuprofen. Have you seen my ibuprofen? Where's my duffle? Did I leave my wallet at the airport?

Lewis and Monica Kornberg

Not that we need it, but this year's ride will be all the more meaningful! As has been the case every year, I look forward to the enjoying several coldies with you.