My Supporters

Margaret and Jack Schofield $50.00
Susan Callahan

please put in memory of Petrina Jones

Kim Gielczyk

Good Luck!

Suzanne Lewis $50.00
Bruce Carroll


Daniel MacMillan $25.00
Tanya Dawkins

Ride, Sally, ride!!

Gloria Tu

Ride Sally ride! Keep on gurl!!!



Elaine Leone

Thank you for riding, Sally!

Mike Cooper

Way to go Sally! Well done for another year of supporting the cause.

Joanne Derr

Ride strong, and thank you for what you are doing!

Lisa Polmonari

Good Luck Sally! Hope your ride is injury free and your sunglasses stay with you.

Esther Ratner

Ride on Sally! Thank you.

Karen Darnell

In memory of Sam Grad. He will be forever missed.

Lori Cogliano

Best of luck on the ride Sally!

Ling Cheung $100.00
Bill Finan

Here's wishing you yet another safe and rewarding PMC ride!!

Linda Holcombe

Thanks for riding Sally and Peter! Good Luck!

David Carpenter
Kirsten Fischer $25.00
Allan Cantos

Good luck on the ride. All the best Susan and Allan

Miriam Kadansky
Whitney Patricia

Sally and Peter, So happy to once again support you on this important fund raising event!! Good luck! Patty Whitney

Mary O'Connell

Good luck Sally! Thanks for riding!

Christine Lelacheur
Robert De Masse

Hope you have another successful ride and great weather!

Teresa Datar

Ride Sally Ride!

John Harder

Go get em Sally and Peter!

Betsy Beach $50.00
Leonard Canter $50.00
Boris Zografov $25.00
Juilee Jadhav $25.00
Mark Paradis $25.00
Holly Vigliatura

Best of luck!!!!!!

George Solomon
Stephen and Debbie Blute $25.00