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Alex Draper

Congrats big. Amazing what you have achieved for both yourself and for the institute

Nat Warren-White

Ride like the wind! Blessings & Gratitude!??????????

Suzie Weaver

You are amazing Sean! Thanks for your work and commitment to fighting cancer!

Navi Vernon
Deborah McIlveen-Pielech

Hi Sean! Hope all went well with your ride. We were thinking of you! Thanks for being part of this wonderful event. Debbie and Mitch

John Rizzi
Brian Kilcoyne

Ride strong Sean. You are a great inspiration.

Thomas Dooley

Go Sean!


Steve Stulck


Gwen Gerety Hays

Great job, Sean! Here's to another great ride!

Kate and Peter Kaplan $40.00
Paul and Pam Ressler

Good Luck on the Ride!! Paul & Pam

Ed Pabst $100.00
Lillian Braden
Andrew Wolfendon

Kick some asphalt again, brother.

Michaele McGinnis

Thank you for doing this! It’s important.

Tim McHale

Go get em Sean, thanks for riding! Tim McHale

Paul Geoffrey Lowney

Go for it.

Mindy Pollack-Fusi
Andrea and Segio Siani

Good luck on your ride Sean....we're rooting for you! Andrea and Sergio

Richard Miles $50.00
Nicholas Miller

Sean, thank you for riding again. I'm happy to contribute and to cheer for you. That you ride at all is courageous and a tribute to your resilience, preparation, and determination. Best wishes!

Joan Wesolowski
Judy Albers

I love seeing out there being a fall risk.

Reva Tankle $50.00
Paul Giragos $75.00
Catharine Farkas

Go Sean! Hang in there, Sammy!

Anne and Richard fortier
David Miles $50.00
Christopher Elwood $10.00
Lorie and Tom Donahue

Have a great ride!!

Glenn and Jane Rifkin

To my courageous and undaunted friend, ride like the wind, stay safe. Really proud of you man!

Jonathan Battaglia
richard taylor

Ride well Sean - the kids depend upon us

Jean and Chuck Bagnasch

Sean, It's wonderful that you continue to do this for a good cause.

Elizabeth & Peter Norton

Have a great ride, Sean. Thank you!

Sandra Tabio

We're proud of you, Sean Kavanagh!

Andre Alphonso

All the best for the ride Sean and a big pat on the back for your contribution to a wonderful cause.

Jeff and Brenda Pohl

May the wind always be at your back Sean.

Darien Smith

Have a great ride, Sean! Terrific that you are going for it again, and raising money for the cause as well.

Philip & Mary-Wren vanderWilden

Ride Stron Sean!

Tom Wilson

So great that you're riding again. Go man go.

Carlo Zezza $100.00
Doug Theobalds

Good luck, Sean!

David Anderson

With you in spirit, go get ‘em!!!

Michael Timperley
Kenny Raskin

Good for you , Sean!!

Lauri & Paul Pastrone $75.00
Joshua Elwood

Go get 'em Sean!!!


Go Sean!!

James Mauch

Thanks again Sean for what do for Dana Farber and for the inspiration for the rest of us to get out there and help.

Stephen Matheis

Well, I guess I won't be donating to your political campaign. :)

Mark Vaillancourt

Fair seas and following winds, Brother!

Beth Flynn

Way to go Sean. Please add my sister, Linda A Day and my dad, Bud Day, both lost to cancer in 2011. Ride like the wind you courageous sole.

Carolina and Sergio Alvarez

Hi, Sean, wishing you a smooth ride and happy days ahead! Thanks for your continued contributions to cancer research! Cheers, Carolina and Sergio

Adriaan Schieferdecker
Frank Zezza

Pedal hard! You are my Fall-Risk hero.


For Rose who helped me through some tough times in high school and died of brain cancer this year.

Helen Sullivan $25.00

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