My Supporters

Kathleen Jewell-Kelleher

From my heart to yours...ride your ride! Be safe and give it your all! Lots of love!

Christopher Long

I have faith that you will master the clip-in pedals and kill it!

Adam Thomas

Good luck Sean!

Allyson & Patrick Spellman

Good Luck Glav!

Lauren Gill

Way to go Sean! Good luck!!

Leo Latraverse

Good luck Glav!

Debra Testa $500.00
Richard DeVito

Awesome Sean. Thanks for riding.

Linda Cataldo

Good luck Sean!

Christine Donovan

You go buddy. Best of luck. You’ll do great!

Brendan & Mehr Lee

Proud of you, Sean!

Richard Greeley

Go get em Sean!

Steve Pica $250.00
Denise and Chris Cook

Good luck Sean - your momma is your guardian angel!

Ryan Sears

Good Luck Sean

Kathleen Downes

You can do it, Sean!

Dan Jalbert
Brandon Chasse

Amazing - go get em!

Colleen Tucker
James Dangelo

I hope you fall off the bike at least once!

Elizabeth Heelan
Michael Ferguson
Ashley & Kevin Graham
Bob Ferguson

Good luck Sean , love ya bud

Katie Devlin
Kasey Higgins

Good Luck Sean!!

Dan MacKay
Cathy Glavin
Mark Morreale
Alissa Silva

Good luck!!

Liam & Gabby Wiles $100.00
Edward Wiles

Be careful and good luck!

Christopher Malloy
Shannon Lane

My Peleton will be arriving...any...year...now.

Mike Fidler

Proud of you, Glav! Keep up the awesome work you do!

Nancy Mele

Outstanding... but from you I expect nothing less??

Kyle Kelleher

DF was great to Uncle Jeff as well! Great to see you doing this. Miss your mom. Rest in peace. Rooting for you! Love, Kyle & Ashley

Eva Greene

Just enjoy the ride - congrats!!

Michael Spinale

Good luck Sean, it's a great thing you're doing. My husband lost his dad to lung cancer. Go get em - Mike & Oscar

Nicki Griffith
Tony Chimera

Go get them Sean!



Good luck and thank you for taking on this challenge for those who can't.

Nicole Connolly

You got this one Sean. Good luck!

Kyle Rufo

Good luck Glav!

Spencer Scheitler

Sean - This is a great cause and happy to donate. Cheers

Christopher Caprio $100.00
Mike Roulic

Good luck!!

Erin Sutherland
Stephanie Glavin

Sean - I am so proud of you for taking on this challenge and I know Mom would be too. "Apples up!" and ride happy! Love Stephanie, Tyler and Arnie

Ed Burnham

Sean, I did the Pan MA Challenge 7 years ago. It is certainly a challenge but worth every second and is such a great cause. Good luck! Ed


My History

2021 $6,275.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)