My Supporters

Daniel Ryan

Very late with my donations this year!

Paul McCauley
Dominik Barthelme $150.00
Howard Zaharoff
Paul & Phyllis Tanso

Awesome ride, Steve! Someday I may join you. Paul & Phyllis

Sharon Cerny

You are inspirational. Thank you for doing this. Sharon

Diane Correra $100.00
Adam Weisman $75.00
Christopher Lovell

Support DFCI is very important. Thank you Steve!

Lawrence Blum $100.00
Shane McCarthy

Great work Steven!

Zeke Martin $100.00
Kevin Lewis

Thank you for covering our party ferry drinks

Freddy Andreoli
Elinore Pollan $100.00
Kevin Lewis

Hope to see you on the road Thia

Kevin Lewis

Looking forward to a great ride with you Steven

Jeffrey Devine

Steven, have a fun and safe ride!! Best, Jeff

Richard Miller

Have a great ride [Janie Chaloff]

Edward Fritsch

Steven - Thanks for riding to support the cause. See you in Sturbridge! Ed

Roger Sheehy

Steve, As a cancer survivor I'm more that happy to support your ride in the PMC. Roger Sheehy

Joy Riskin $50.00
Adam Crescenzi

Good luck have a great ride.

Steven Branson

Thanks for all the contributions! Having your support will speed me Ali gun August!

Jean Williams $100.00
Liz Pugh

We're very excited for you Steven! Looking forward to hearing stories of your successful ride in a few more weeks. Love, Liz and Nate

Carol Condon

Good Luck Steven

Carol Condon

Good Luck Steven

Bonita Rup

Good luck Steven and Thanks for Riding!

David Weiner

Steven, Thanks again for representing us by making this wonderful ride in support of Dana Farber in the fight to beat cancer. Ride safe, Ann & Dave

Cynthia Blake Branson

?? ????? Steven, you’re my favorite PMC rider. Thank you for your dedication and all the hard work you put into this ride. Go team THANKS, riding together saving lives.

David Clancy

Best of luck on your ride!

Jean Patterson

Thanks for your year after year dedication to this event

William Oconnell

It's a wonderful thing that you do each year! Have a great ride...

Douglas Katz $100.00
Tim Mchale

Go get' em Steven, you inspire many! Ride Baby Ride!!!

Howard Zaharoff
Michael Rosen

Good luck, Steve - It’s a great thing you do and a privilege to support you. Mike

Michael Elkin $25.00
Greg Crescenzi

Keep riding strong Steve. Year after year you continue to impress and inspire.

David Weinstock
Lynne Alter

Best of luck, Steven!

Nancy Bender

Good luck

Steve Caplow

Your training and commitment are impressive! Continue to stay healthy and defy the aging process!

Sara Federow

Good luck on your ride Steven! Garrett and Sara

Howard Zaharoff


Good luck! Diane & Molly

Cliff Pollan

Steven - Thank you for all you have done for this amazing cause and for the upcoming ride.

Steven Branson

Thanks for all the support for me and our Team THANKS 2018 Ride!

Richard Buchanan

Thank you Steven...This donation is in memory of Lisa Thompsen-Adams and Audrey Thompsen, both fought valiantly but unfortunately succumbed to the ugliness that we will continue to fight against.

Ilana Kraus
Denise Roberts

Good luck Steven!

Charles Callan

Dear Steve - thank you for all you do.



Very proud of you Steven and all the riders

Anthony Del Greco
Maura McNeil

What a great cause. Best of luck!

Monique Domian

Have a great ride again this year, Steven!

Meng and Bryan

Good luck and thank you for breaking a sweat for all of us for a great cause.

Carl Musscari $100.00


Katherine Eibye

Will always support you for this great cause! THANK YOU FOR RIDING! Katie & Chip Eibye

Ronald Aines

Thanks for riding Steven and raising money for such a great cause.

Leo Parnes

Good luck! And thanks for all you do for me!

Joy Riskin

There are so many ways of being courage and this is one special way to honor your friend.




My History

2018 $13,972.50 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2017 $13,375.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2016 $11,612.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2015 $9,418.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)