My Supporters

Liz Brown
Sarah Demers

Happy birthday, dear Rebecca!!! Sending lots of love! Xoxo Sarah

Greg Chag

Happy Birthday Chica

Vincent Malatesta
Tarin Teno

hope I'm not too late! xoxo



Christy and Pants donation.

Erin Cashman
Whitney Norby

Let's go Yawkey 7 cyclists! You've got this!

Kaitlyn Hall

love you and everything you do! go kick some butt and call me if you need a beer or 5 after ??

Howard Rosenstein

Rebecca - you’re the best! Thanks so much for all you do! Great commercial! Shannon and Howie

Anne Marie Horne

Rebecca , you go girl ??

Kathryn Maus

Go get it, girl!

Cheryl Goff
Colleen & Jimmy Obrien Mcloughlin

Thanks for riding Rebecca! XO Jimmy & Colleen

Kathleen Spinello
Ray Di Ciaccio

Go RGH!!

Perry Gotsis
Joel Southall

Good luck and thank you!

Kathy Ellis

Have a great ride xo!

Janet Guy-Hamilton

Have a great ride Rebecca !!! So proud??

James Purington

Thank you Rebecca, you are a star! Jim and Chris

Alia Khalaf

Biggest heart I know! The work you do is unparalleled! Your patients are blessed to have such an amazing nurse! ?

Dawn Rose

Thank you for helping the world be a healthier place! It is people like you that truly make a difference! You are amazing!!! Love, Dawn and Scott

Kayla Chapman
Laura Graham
Colleen Chin
Ann Lacasce

Thanks for riding, Rebecca!!!

Anne McKelvie

Thanks for Riding for Robbie! Best wishes to you, Rebecca and to Matt!

michele lawler

So wonderful to see you. Have a great ride. Michele and Alan Lawler



Kerri LaCoy

Go Rebecca Go!!!

Mary Caruso $25.00



Margaret Guy

In Loving Memory of Robert. Know that he will be the wind at your back, and the joy in your heart, Rebecca. xoxoxox Margie, Emma, Sam, Sean, and Lucy

Jessica Solomon

We love you Rebecca and are so excited for all of your adventures. Rock on you amazing strong woman. ??, Jessi and Mike

Lisa Malek

Go Rebecca!!!! Much love and positive vibes for a wonderful ride to Ptown! You are a legend!

Greg & Shannon Antman $200.00
Connie Lu
Sarah MacDonald

Good luck! You’re doing great things with this ride and with the work you do daily!

kimberly coleman

Have a great ride RGH!!

Brian Foster

Good luck, Rebecca! Sorry that we can't be there, but have a great time at the fundraiser!

Nate Houghton

Pedal hard and rock on

Audrey Minsky

Congratulations Rebecca. Enjoy your ride . Audrey

Ellen Ferrante

Good luck again this year, Rebecca!

Cate Suter $100.00


Courtney lemoine
Melissa Perna


Connie Hamilton

You are teriffic!!! Good Luck again this year. I'm sure Robbie will be cheering you on. Love You :)

Katie Mcinerney

You are an inspiration!! You go girl!!!!

Anne Cleary

Hey, Rebecca, You are amazing!! I love to support this cause. I have some other friends who ride, also. Not easy....... Will be thinking of you......



Lilian Jackman donation

Amanda Houghton

I hope you still have the helmet “flames” :) Good luck!!!

David and Mary Lemoine
Leah Sarno

You are the cat's meow, thank you for riding!

Jonathan Kim $100.00
Kathleen Colson

Thanks for riding on behalf of cancer patients! Very proud of you!!

Debbie Labrie

Ride Rebecca ride! For a great cause.

James Welu
Si Si Nyunt Goneconto

Thank you Rebecca for all that you do for your patients and all that you are!!



Brooke DeMoraes Donation for PMC

Jodi Perriello

Good luck Rebecca!!!