My Supporters

Mark Shepherd

Have a great ride Paige. Thank you for doing this!

Thomas Weekley

You can do it Paige !!!



Dear Paige, Your father, grandfather, uncle and Amy's mother would be very proud of you. They are looking down from Heaven and cheering you on... As is your brother Welles !!! xoxoxo, Mom

Jared Ciriello

For your dad; the father of an American hero. Love you guys and have been thinking of you constantly. Jared and Emily

Timothy Daley

Thank you for riding for such a great cause! We will be sending lots of cheers your way. - Tim, Ali, Owen & Winni

Aaron Lear
Wendy Anderson
Ana Blando

Good luck ??

Rachel Segall

Paige you got this. Your dad will be with you the entire way!!



Tim Murphy

In memory of Jeff Crowther, a good man who taught me so much.

Mara Blumenthal
Sarah Owen

Good luck, Paigey!! Sending you all of our love as you ride in your dad's memory <3

Jillian Powley

Good luck, Paige! His presence during your ride, and the memory of his strength will carry you right across the finish line.

Jessica Densmore $75.00
Kathleen Comber

All our love to you Paige as you ride with the support of thousands of hands and hearts to your goal. Your Dad was an amazing man and I know he will be with you the whole way through <3

Sarah Lassonde
Lauren Stafford

In loving memory of Jeff Crowther and in support of his amazing daughter Paige.

John Marley
John Finlay
Krystel & Marc Cohn

We love you, Paigey!!!



Nancy D’Auria

You and your family are always in my thoughts! Great cause. Love you

Kara O'Halloran

Good luck, Paige!

Katharine Trudeau

Go Paige!!

Kathleen Pennington

I’m so terribly to hear the news about your dad, Paige. Hope this provides a bit of support!

Kai Dickerson

Good luck Paige! And our best to your family! xo

Robert DeLeon Jr
Lindsay Maltais

Good luck Paige!!

Bert and Terri Rappaport

Our love always to you and your family.

Melissa Kline Murillo
Roger and Janet Lehrberg $250.00


Alison & Adam Beitscher

We love you Paige! Wishing we could be there to cheer you on. Sending lots of love from Colorado.

Amanda Brandenburg

Good luck, Paige!

Kathy Taylor

You are amazing !!! Praying for your father .. love and hugs ??

Kelly Blaszak

Huge hugs and love to you and your family. Love, Keith, Kelly, and Nathan

Sarah Tutjer

Dear Paige, I'm so proud of your courage and I wish you strength as you face this physical and emotional challenge! Sending prayers to you and to your family. Sarah (Finlay) Tutjer

Suzanne Krupp

Amazing Paige, Welles will be with you all the way!!

Dana LeWinter

Love the LeBradleys

Katie Germain
Lisa Rafferty

Go Paige! xo

Paula Burley DiSchino

You are an Inspiration Ride proud

Marielle Bush

Paige - we are thinking of you and sending love and support to your family. Xoxo

Heather Chenette

Ride like the wind my girl ?? ride first, limbo later ;)

Tracy Whitford

Good luck Paige!! ??

Francesca Baraggioli


Tiffany Anderson

Good luck Paige. My prayers are with your father!

Meaghan Zisk
Ben Johnson
Lucas & Jordan Charbonneau

So proud of you Paige! <3

Susan Welsch $10.00
Amy Rappaport

Awesome Paige! So much love to you and your dad.

Caitlin Antosz
Elizabeth McKneely

Good luck Paige!!! You’re amazing! ????

Erin Murphy

Thank you for raising funds and awareness & good luck with your ride!!

Katie Eschle
Shira Krance

Sending love and prayers to the entire family.

Lauren Alterman

I hope you have a fabulous ride and I think what you are doing is really awesome.

Stacey Boschetto


Matthew Weiss

Saying prayers.

Carolyn Roy

Good luck Paige!

Kara Hohlfeld Hansen

Sending positive vibes to you and your family, Paige.

Liz Lewis

Good luck Paige!! I’ll be thinking if you and your family.



Good luck Paige! This is an amazing challenge and we are all so proud of you for doing this. Prayers to your father and your family. The Doran Family

Chelsea and Andrew Jupin

Paige, proud of you for doing this ride and thinking of you and your dad. Sending lots of love.

Sarah Mann

Have a great ride, Paige! I’ll be thinking of you and your dad! ??

Drew Peterson

Good luck - I'll be out there with you in spirit!

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2019 $5,831.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2013 $4,890.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2012 $4,480.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)