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Allison Schnipper
Shari and Brett Kalmowitz

Michael, Ride safely and carry on this important tradition! xoxoxoxox

Cheryl and Ted Schnitzer

Good luck this weekend!

Harvey Grasfield

Ride in your father's draft. It makes it easier on the hills. Don't forget your turn signals. And remember we have a date at Arby's! (We have the meats!) :)

Kathy Nuzum
Brenda Steele

Good luck! Have a great ride and keep an eye on your Dad.

douglas brum $100.00
Ruth Grasfield

Michael - I'm so proud and impressed with your energy for Pan Mass!

Amy Farber

Love you so much cousin!

Gabriel Bell $25.00
Art Newman

cheering you on for your good deeds !! The Newman's

Jeff/Debbi Brown/Friedman


Michael, Best of luck with this year's ride! The Hipplers

Henry Zoob
Henry Zoob
Fran Davis
Edward Cannon

Way to go Michael! Good luck! Take care of Dad...

Yunpeng Wang

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