My Supporters

Michal King
Jenny Belliveau

This donation is from Nic Belliveau and the brothers from Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at University of Vermont.

Michael Borski

Well done Mitchell


Ride strong for your friends, Mitch!

John Neff

Riding for a great cause. Be Safe and thank you for your dedication to do something about cancer!

Mike Killian

Proud of you for doing this ride for such a worthy cause. Such a devastating disease. Such a good way to help all who are affected.

david deisher

Riding for a great cause.

Jerry Collins

Mitchell - Thank you for your commitment and personal sacrafice for such an important cause. See you at "da hedge" in Brewster. Jerry Collins

Jarrod Wilder $30.00
Nathan Fortner $500.00
Michal King

Great cause! Lost both of my parents to cancer in my 30s so I appreciate this effort as much as anyone. Thanks to all for helping out!

Rick Hancock $200.00
Sarah Cavigliano (Peterson) $50.00
Lupe Downing

This is gonna be a good, meaningful ride my friend! Pedal, pedal, pedal!

Rebecca Poolman

Mitchell - What a wonderful way to support this cause and to help those afflicted with this terrible disease. Best of luck!

Josh Kosofsky
Jessica Steve

Pedal fast!

Andy Frost

No better cause. Go get em, Mitchell!

Mark berger
Jay Radley
Blake Burrus

Good luck Mitchell! It’s great of you to support JP and Jenny. Blake

Dan Fagan

Mitchell, you are a great guy to do this ride and support Jenny! Have a great ride and thank you for doing this!

B Gira
Bob Gilbreath

Great cause, thank you for supporting others!

Jeanne Collins

It is so great that you are willing to do this with JP! It is a really special cause and I personally thank you for raising money for it!

manuj sharma
Natalie Weymouth

Couldn't be more proud of this dynamic duo riding in honor of Jenny, who is crushing her treatment! Go get 'em guys! xoxo

Jen Martin
Jodi Stanley

You are a great friend to ride alongside JP and collect donations! Cheering for you on the sidelines!

Kim Weber

Thank you for doing this. Cheering on you and JP and, most importantly, Jenny.

Yim Na Dianna Chiu
bernard cobb

Thanks for doing this, Mitchell Killian!

Margaret Posh

Thank you Mitchell for riding with JP for Jenny. I know you guys will do great! Praying for Jenny.

Marjie Deisher Graham

Bless you all for riding for this important cause. So many people are impacted by this terrible disease and need to know that others care. You are appreciated!

Randall and Mom

Ride Mitch Ride!! Every biological female on both sides of my parents generation has battled breast cancer. Thanks for riding, Love Mom

Mitchell Killian $250.00

My History

2019 $5,371.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)