My Supporters

Lauren Giakoumidis
Kathleen Shultz

Hi Larry, I just found this, I hope it is not too late. I will say a prayer for you and the riders. I hope you and your family are all well!! All the best! Kathy

Erin Regan

Congrats on a successful 25th year- surely will be one to remember! We loved seeing you out on the road - Love Nolan, Riley , Mark and Erin

Stephen Rossetti $100.00
Francis Genese

Larry You and your fellow riders do good and needed worked. Thanks for your volunteerism. Frank

Lisa Corazzini

Go Larry!! Wish we could be there to cheer you on!! ????????

Kara Sawyer

Wishing you a fun, safe ride. You are truly an inspiration year after year. Thank you for your dedication. All the best, Kara Sawyer

Danielle McCauley

Way to go Big L!!

Kathy Johnson $25.00
John Feeley

Thank you. I know Erin . Tell her I never forget her smile

Lydia Labree

Good luck ride safe

Sarah Macinanti

Congratulations on 25 years!!

Paul Talamini

Thanks for your many years of fund raising and riding for such a great cause.

Jacqueline Alves
Thomas Gosler

Good luck Larry

Denis Sullivan

Another year another ride and still going strong. I couldn’t find the proper Shakespeare words

Rick Sheils


Cynthia Wondolowski

Go Larry! Keep up the good work. Cyndi & Conrad

Andrea Stalvey

Best of luck, Larry! We know you'll do great no matter how the ride pans out this year!

Michele McMahon

Larry, Even in this year of the official ride being postponed, your effort to ride the route is inspiring. Best of luck during your ride. Cheers, Michele

Jeanne Wess

Always happy to support your ride!! Best wishes for it to be a great one!!

John Gabriel $100.00
Thomas Chappel

Good luck, Sully. Thank you once again for your continued support for this most worthwhile cause.

Matthew Cormier

Keep up the great work, Larry!

Deborah Potvin
John Belcher

Go Get um Larry

Patricia Sullivan
Charlie Sharigian

Hey Larry, Best Wishes. Stay safe! Congrats to you and Charlene on the growing number of grandkids. Thank you for your participation in battling cancer. Go Red Sox on what is left of the season!

Katie Meinelt

Best way to say FU to cancer! Have a great ride, my friend. We will be cheering from Brewster!

David Carelli $100.00
Christopher Brothers


Thank you for supporting cancer research, Larry!

Marianne Blanchet $100.00
Joan St Thomas

wow- 25 years! you started riding when you were 12 right? Your dedication and commitment are impressive- Keep up the good work!

Timothy King

Good luck Larry

Bob Ambrose

The fight is never over. Thanks Sully

Anna Sullivan
Kate and Luke Payne

Keep up the amazing work, thank you for all you are doing for our next generation!

Thomas Head

Hope they have it buddy. Good luck all right. Hope all is well. T.Head

Francis Penny

congratulations Larry! You are a true warrior when it comes to fighting cancer! God Bless!

Bob and Sharon Regan

Dampa- thanks again for doing this to help find a cure for cancer. Your motivation (s) are precious.

John Gallo

Sullie Group - even the Building-19 virus can't stop you! Keep up the good work for the rest of us, we do appreciate it very much. "Johnny Walker" Gallo

Jason Butland

Ride fast....but not so fast your cycling shorts fly off. Good luck.

Melissa Sibley
Keith Hamilton
Michael Paciello

Sully....as always, on behalf of your “brothers” at the Columbus Civic Club....keep up the good work.

Michael Paciello

The ride may be “virtual” this year but the commitment and donation are still “real”. Good luck. Angelo

Robert & Paula Lynch
Tammy Rives Smolansky $50.00
Cheryl St Onge $100.00
mike norton $100.00
Mary Chappell
Thomas Head

Godspeed sir. Always a pleasure

Suzanne Aucoin

Good luck Larry! Happy pedaling!

Ann-Marie Sheehan

Wish you the very best on your ride! What a great cause! ??

Joseph Sullivan
Philip Raffa

Ride, Larry, Ride and thank you for all your efforts. Good Luck, Phil

Michael Haley $50.00
Jason Rives

Keep peddling, even if you don't know the finish line! Thank you!!!

Malachi Kelley
Nancy Visser
Robert Sharry $75.00
Geoffrey Cormier

Good luck from your former neighbors. I hope everyone is doing well through this crazy time. Keep riding and stay healthy.

Nicole Tourtelotte
Marc Kasaras

Love ya Lar!

Andy Triola

Thank you for riding for a great cause.

Timothy Cluett

Larry, good luck this year. Thank you for all you do

Sheila & Bill Porcaro $100.00
Deborah Maynard

Thank You!


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