My Supporters

Karen Hays

Cheering on and supporting a great spin instructor in this endeavor! I lost my Dad to cancer as well, so can't applaud you enough for helping fight the fight.

Maureen O'Donoghue
Kelly Laurence

Congrats on your ride, Lauren!

Travis Schoen
Patricia MacDonald

Best of luck Lau! Big Bill would be so proud!

Jessica Imbornone

Good luck with the rest of your ride! What a great tribute to your father.

Monique DeWAn

Good luck Girlie!!!!

Sarah Rohan
Amy Gribaudo

Best of luck!

Jill Daly

Good luck and thank you for riding!

Kimberley Doyle $50.00
Barbara Kroll

Have a great ride!!

Sarah Cochran

Best of luck on your big ride!! You're SO ready for this...xo

Mark Watkins

Proud of your spirit and efforts to roads money for such a great cause!!! Good luck with the ride!

Robert Lasoff

Go Lauren know your down to 2K, I'll be thinking of you while I'm at Power Cycle Saturday @7AM

Chris Mann

Good luck Lauren!

Marybeth Thornton

Go Lauren!

Mary Mahon

Good luck Lauren !!

Lisa Russell

Way to go Lauren!

Melissa Shulman

Good Luck Lauren!

Karin Lee

Thinking of you Lauren as you continue with this great cause and remembering your special dad # 67 xoxo

Jamie Lenkaitis
Jennifer leonard $25.00
Heather Karafotias

Good luck Lauren!

Susan Larkin

Great Way to Honor Big Bill

margarita Strzepka

Good Luck, Lauren!! Margie, Matt, Jack and Brooke

Nicole Richmond

Good Lau! Your dad is looking down so proud! ??

Andrew Kara

Good Luck Lauren!!! Andrew, Meg, Katie and Maggie Kara-

Tammy DeWolfe

Good Luck Lauren!

Sandra Castaldini

Lauren best of luck on your important ride!!

Paula Timofeev

Have a great ride, Lauren! You are an inspiration.

Caroline Farley

Good Luck Lau! Bill would be so proud!

Cindy & Brian Bisciotti

Have an amazing ride Lauren! Happy to support your efforts as you ride the PMC in memory of your dad & the other family & friends that we have lost to cancer. Be safe and God Bless. xoxo

Jacquelyn Hodgman

Have a great ride, Lauren!

Frank Rispoli $100.00
Kirke Hall

Way to go Lauren! So proud of you for doing this in your dad's honor and raising money for cancer research! It's time to end cancer!!

Paul Piselli

Good Luck Lauren!!!

Jennifer French
Robert Capretto

Love your family. Miss your dad. Great Goddaughter .

Sharon Foley $50.00
Kristin Souza

Good luck Lau! Big Bill would be so proud of your continuous hard work! Every dollar a step closer to a cure. ??

Barbara O'Brien

Good luck Lauren!

Linda McDonald

Go Lauren! I lost both my parents to cancer. This is such an important cause! Thank you for riding!

Marc Reid

Good luck Lauren!

Angela Dowgiert

Good luck and ride strong! You have Angels at your side!! ??????

Ed Cummings
Christopher Briggs

Good Luck on the Ride!

Catherine Mellen
Sara Federow

Best of luck Lauren! Sara & Garrett Federow

Stephen King Friends of Wrentham Inc
J Keohane $250.00
Richard Conn

We all miss Lenk! We named our annual Myrtle Beach Golf outing The Missing Lenk because he loved to come play every year. It is coming up in a few weeks and we will have several in his honor!!

Randel Vataha

You go girl! Randy and I are proud of you!

Kristen Shanahan

Way to go Lauren!

Maureen Sullivan
Stephen king

Doc was one of a kind, love him and love you for keeping his legacy of giving back.

Jacquelyn Hodgman

Well done, Lauren. Have a great ride!

Robert Lasoff $100.00
Robert Page

From your Peloton family, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lisa Russell

Big Bill would be so proud! : )

Karl Kaufmann
Gina Manning

Lau, so very proud of all your dedication & hard work to this cause. Have a great ride!!!!

Paul Piselli $50.00
Myra Vicente

So proud of you Lauren as we know Big Bill would be too. We love you and wish you well again this year! Myra and Tito

Tammy Mcgowan

Love that you do this Lauren! You are making a difference in finding a cure for this horrible disease

Joe & Dale Rushworth
Michael Cappuccilli $50.00
Danielle Mason
mike lenkaitis

Good stuff - Go Lauren!

Robert Capretto

One of my all time favorites!

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