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Geraldine Foley
Carole Hurley Hughes

Thank you, Lisa, for remaining loyal to the cause of eradicating cancer. You are laboring on behalf of millions whose lives are interrupted or taken by the terrible disease. XO

Carole Hurley Hughes

Thank you for your dedication to the PMC.

John Ahearn

Hi Lisa!

Mary Beth Lambert

Keep up the good work :)



Keep up the good work!

Hans-Eric Gosch

Go Lisa! Thank you for doing this!







Thank you Lisa for all you do for the community as well as the pan-mass challenge!!

Mary Dunderdale
Sean Barnacoat
Douglas Hughes $150.00
Barry Dorn

Lisa, Thank you for all you do Barry

Brian Oates

Thanks for riding in this special year. Congrats on job well done and thanks! - Maureen & Brian Oates

Kimberly Paster

Best of luck my dear friend! May the wind be at your back. Thank you for riding! ????



Great job

Andrea Cardarelli

Thanks for riding again this year. 10 years doing the PMC and 20 years at WBZ... you're amazing. I hope to ride one day. Until then, I sponsor those who can. Thank you.

K.C. Albright

I’m very proud of you and your accomplishments. This year especially, you are an positive difference in a difficult world. Thank you.....the other KC

K.C. Albright

Wish I could be really riding with you! Enjoy your ride. Kinda

Norman Gorin

Amy and I are delighted to support your ride for a cure for cancer and all the ways you are committed to making the world better for those in need!

Christine Gordon $20.00


Always inspired by how you lead by example! Go get 'em.

Marc Maynard

Keep on moving !

Karen Vigurs-Stack

Make it a great ride????

David Storto

Way to go Lisa. Thanks for riding again for this great cause and for all that you do for the community. Congrats on your recent recognition and anniversary. We admire you! David & Shelley

Jessi Bradley

Thanks for riding !

Mary True

Hope you have a great ride!

John Chapin $250.00
David Landmesser

Hi Lisa What a great cause. Happy to help. Great cause you are involved in. keep it up. Great job and God Bless. Dave & Bonnie


Congratulations on your 20 years at WBC!! Thank you for all that you do for so many organizations including PMC. You're the best!

Lisa Oconnell

Thank you Lisa and all the riders. Also Dana Farber.

Kathleen Casey

Go Lis! May the wind be at your back! XO MJ + Kiz

Wayne Manning

Congrats Lisa on your 20 years at WBZ! Good luck on your ride. You are the best!’

Carolyn Casey

Big love! Xo

Connor Lund

Lisa! I truly wish we were riding together this year but just know we’re wishing you the best from Vail! Hope to see you soon! -CL

Carole Hurley Hughes

Lisa, your remarkable work on behalf of the PMC has influenced me to contribute in honor of my friends & family who have suffered or are suffering from cancer. The spirit is with you. Love, Mom

Patti Quigley $100.00
Paul&Kelly Mearn- Coco

Thanks for doing what you do, we’re still amazed you make it up your street, when our van has trouble. Paul&Kelly.

Robin Bernstein

Lisa, thank you for all that you do. You are wonderful and amazing!

Michael Dunn

Go Lisa!

Peter Riddle

Nice work!

Laura Maloney $25.00
Leslie Negus $100.00
John Colautti

Thank you for all you do to support this important charitable organization.

Charles Nowlin

Go Hughesie!!!!!!

Robert Sturak
Carolyn Nole
Jennifer & John Chisholm
James Laranjo $25.00
Rik and Sandy Clark

We love watching you on Channel 4, early news only, and so appreciate what you do for the PMC and Dana-Farber.

Adriane Gilder

Hi Lisa, You are my favorite. You will always get a donation in $18 from me. It's called a Mitzvah. Jon Keller can fully explain if you like. Here's a virtual hug.

John Frost

Go Lisa - thanks for all you do!

Tony Gesamondo $25.00
Loretta Fermano

Follow you on Cannel 4. Good luck and keep up the good work

Patricia Balchunas

Good luck

Francis Sheehan Jr $25.00


Stephanie Stone

Inspired by you on the news, and you're the only rider I know, so wanted to help.



Goooooo LISA!!!! Keep up the good work.

Sarah Calderbank

Thank you for riding and raising funds for Dana- Farber. My mother is has been successfully battling her cancer there for over a year!



Best of luck. Admire all the good works you do.