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Jen DiMartino

You are amazing, Kevin!!!!





Valerie Bettencourt

Great job, Kevin!!

Robert Gannon $125.00
Caputo Zita

Good luck on your journey. God Bless.

Nellie Pineault

Game time Kev! Enjoy the ride!

John Hooper
Jim and Lynne Kelleher
Robert Scena

Best of luck The Scena’s

Jeff Zeliski
Christine Gallagher

Go Big Kev Go!

Nick Guerini

Good Luck!!

Jacob Schemenaur

Good luck Kevin, you got this!

Tiffany Walters

Good luck ??

Tony Lacina

Dana Farber is near and dear to us. Good luck Kevin! Tony and Colleen Lacina

Justin Lamoureux

Go get em..

Sara Simmons

Mom and Dad would be so proud!! Thanks for riding in their hero. Good luck!

Kevin Donnelly
Christopher Seely

Remember to have fun

Rod Blaisdell

You got this boss. Good luck!

Andrew Briggs

Thank You Kevin and Good Luck , remember 80% of the fight is mental , just keep pushing !! ????

Jeffrey Williams $100.00
Tyler Goff

Good luck Kevin. Your brother Frank is a great guy!

Matthew Fasano
Courtney Maloney

Good Luck Kevin!

Josh Glazer $25.00
Frank Knippenberg

Happy Birthday Dad!

Ruth Provost
Eileen Allen

Good luck with your ride..

Margaret Hooper

Good luck Kevin! What a wonderful honor to your parents. We wish you well! Love from Peter & Peg


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