My Supporters

Rachel Bourne

Donated through FB Insure

Carolyn Aslan $25.00
Laura Krahn

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to fundraise and ride! ??

Tisha Sherfield

Sorry, I am so late with my monetary support, been watching and supporting emotionally all along.

Debra Levesque
Stacey and Waymond Eng

Good Luck Kristin!

Jeff Mather $50.00
Aimie Burack
Vinicius Bremmenkamp
Tina Harrison

Go Kristin! I've been following your training and fundraising efforts. So impressed. Have a great ride! Someday I'd love to do this ride too.

Suzanne Curran
Molly Nave

Kristin, I am in awe of you doing this every year! Good luck my friend. My donation is in honor of my step-mother Patsy Campbell who we lost in 2004 and Dr. David Morgan who passed a month ago. Oxoxo

Sara Roberts $25.00
Kimberly Lawrence $50.00
Alexis Lane $100.00
Lisa Segarra
David Goldberg
Janet Schatzoff

Good Luck, Kristen. I will be thinking of you. Janet

John Refford
Wendy Thompson

In memory of Susan Quinn, mother of two, who lost her battle on Mothers Day 2017.

Tracey Storey $100.00
Jamie Gravelle

Kristin, Thanks for riding again this year. You are riding for my dad, Dick, who passed away in 2010 and my mom, Anne, who was just diagnosed with cancer this past month. May the wind be at your back

Brendan Daly
Kelly Fitch $50.00
Maura Dollaway

Good Luck Kristen! Thank you for what you do!!!

Suzanne Hennessey

Ride for Tom, he is so missed!

Renu Gupta

Good Luck!!

Ann Sherry

Happy to help support your amazing efforts to kick cancer's ass. Go Kristin!

Charles River Bank Ann Sherry

Have a great ride!

Melissa Jacoby

Your energy is inspiring! Honored to have you ride with our team! Am I too late for a necklace??


Ride like the wind! So psyched you're doing this again this year, you rock!

Erik Dentremont

Thanks Steve the bike guy, good luck.

Ilyce Chizmadia

Thank you again for changing my tire !! :) I hope you have an amazing and meaningful ride!! Go get it!!!

Lisa Barton

Yay for doing amazing things! ?? ??

Laura Kelly

Kristin, Thank you for being so dedicated to the PMC Ride against cancer. Please add my incredible Mom, Fran, to your long list who've bravely fought C. You R my biking Hero. HAPPY Anniversary!!

Chris OSullivan $100.00
Erin Kane

You go girl! Have a great ride.

Pamela Landis

I am so honored to be riding with you again this year. You are amazing motivation! Cheers to an amazing ride and as we say proudly F*CK CANCER!

Sharon Johnston

Thank you Kristin!

Nicole Almeida

Rock it out Kristin! And THANK YOU for riding..for my dad, Paul Dion, colon and esophageal primary cancers, passed April 2012....and for all those still fighting!!

Heather Corbett

Go get 'em Kristin! My cousin Bill Olson died of melanoma five years ago. He had the best laugh ever and was a huge Red Sox fan. We miss him every day. Thanks for doing what you're doing!

Shana Riehl

Way to go!! You've got this.

Kathy Burke

I am so proud of you! Have a great ride—I will be thinking of you! xo Aunt Kathy

Alex Carleton

Thank for each and every stroke of the pedal you make and for every dollar you raise to help find cures for cancers!

Patricia Simondet

Please ride for my parents, Myron and Sandra Brenycz. They both died of lung cancer, 34 days apart 1 1/2 years ago.

Devon Trunnelle

Good luck Kristin!

Vera Shapiro
Tina Brooks

Happy to support your efforts again this year!

Kathleen Wanat
Amy Catanzaro

Thank you for doing this! Donating in honor of my friend Carol Anne Edmonds, breast cancer survivor.

C.C. Chapman
Lisa Segarra
Ed O'Donnell
Shelly Shadrick

Ride on Manic Mommy!

Dana Kotler

You're an inspiration! Ride HAAAAHHDD!!

Katherine Evans

Thanks for riding, such a great cause!

Laura Krahn

This Manic Mommy donating to honor my Dad Wesley and unfortunately fighting ovarian cancer this year myself. Ride with the wind Kristin and Thank You!


Safe riding Kristin! Thanks for all you do for so many!

Leslie Riding

Thanks for continuing to ride!

Mark Perry $25.00
Cheryl Carner
Ron Boudreau
Karen Davidsen $50.00
Ellen R Noble

THANK YOU :) for doing this .

Patty Staples

You are a force to be reconed with :) Thank You for all your hard work.

Ann McLaughlin

From an old-school Manic Mommies fan! Best wishes on your next ride. -- Ann McLaughlin

Carol Suddath $50.00
Kristen Meliska $20.00
Sandra Barnes
Kelly Baldwin $25.00
Ray Parenteau

Nancy and I personally donate to another rider. Here’s some from ClickRSVP.

Michele Webster
Mary Burke
Joyce Duhaine

Thank you Kristin for all you do and share with the masses on social media. Ride safe!

Tom and Susan Friedland Burke $50.00
Heather Snavely
Kevin Mullane

The Mullane family is cheering you along. Ride On!

Teresa Eliason

Go Kristin! My dad is a rectal cancer survivor. Thanks for raising funds to support cancer research!



So proud of all your hard work


You rock Kristin!!!!!



Bill Mcginley $50.00


Thank you Kristin for being an inspiration

Kimberly Denny

Thanks for riding once again. I donate to honor my mom, Martha, a two time cancer SURVIVOR! Take that cancer. :)

Peter Klay

Have a great ride! Thank YOU for riding for such a great cause! -The Klays

Heather Deacon

From a Manic Mommy

Jennifer Hamson $50.00
Lisa Zager

Karen - thanks for riding!!! - Lisa & Korey

Judie Ham $100.00
Kellie Lowry

Hi Kristin, I’m sorry for your loss of Papa Tom. Please remember my dad, Don Pack, he was take from us by Glioblastoma in 2011. I love seeing your riding pictures on Facebook! XOXO, Kellie

Reyno Giallongo

Kristin - thanks for riding for all of us!

Jamie Seefurth

in honor of my dad- Terry Layton

Kelly Vaast

Ride strong Kristin!!

Kimberly Reingold Reingold

Looking forward to riding beside you this year!! XO

Vivienne Naylor $25.00
Jessi Lindell

Your passion inspires me Kristin!! ?? And miss you TONS

Debbie Porter

Kristin thanks for doing the hard work and raising money for gastrointestinal cancer! Please include my aunt, Carole Williams on your list as your train for the PMC 2018.

My History

2018 $7,388.25 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2017 $8,522.01 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2016 $7,725.88 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
  $300.00 The Resolution by PMC