My Supporters

Christina Simpson
Darin Wilson

Congratulations Jim on the ride and the commitment you've made for cancer research. Great gig in Fenway - Redsox could use your help on the mound too!

Ryan Bach

Do your best, thank you for everything!

Lisa Ensz

Go get ‘em Jim. Thanks for riding for all of us!

Tom Tovello $120.00
Jim Lathrop
Cindy Walker
Carolyn Kent

Thank you for pedaling today so others will benefit in the future!!! Have a fantastic ride and celebrate "BIG" at the finish line! Cheers to another year! :<)

Geoff Cherucheril
Pat Clancy $120.00
Kevin Bassett

Go get 'em Jim and Loreen!

Gianna & Mark Lawler

Good luck!

Gayjoy Bryars
Paul and Lulu Coakley

Good luck, ride well!

Christine Gage

Best of luck to you two!

Kara Diane and Jon Palmer

Go LoLo Rider (and you too Jim)! ;-)

Maureen and Ian Johnson
Michael Ashenuga

Good luck JY and LoLo Rider! You both do an amazing job and should be proud. Hope training is going well, and I look forward to grabbing a drink at the finish line. Cheers, M

Christopher Pierson
Harry Rowland
Art Kuehne

Go Chuck go!!


Go and get them Jim !!

Keith hannan

Go Jim and Loreen!

Gail Nemsick
steve page

Happy to continue to support this great cause !

Adam Jacobs
Scott Broughton

Ride safely and have fun gents.... wish I was joining you this year!

Rita and Doug Neagli

Jim and LoLo----Have a wonderful ride, we are proud and grateful for both of you. Stay strong and keep on rolling.

SIVO Insights

Here's to another year of your hard work, and Loreen's too. Happy Riding!

Tim Elder
Andrew Gaillard

Jim and LoLo Rider Go get 'em. Us Minnesotans are routing for you!

Leslie and Deane Brewin $100.00
Michaele Morrow Esdale

Jim - Thrilled to support you again this year, glad you are healthy! Michaele and Dan

Brian & Kathy Harvey

Have a great ride!!

John Dilworth

Jim, I hope you have a great ride. You are an inspiration and look forward to hearing about this year's ride.

John Burke

Good luck Jim



Joel Pietropaolo

Ride like the wind!!

Mark and Fran Yearick

Keep on truckin!

Michael Nagy

Happy to grease your chain once again, Jim.

Bill Rospkopf

Another year...another ride...keep up the great work!!

Craig Richardson
James Mayberry

Good luck! Miss you guys!

Todd Smalley

Go Jim! Quicker than a human eye!

Carla Benigni
Christine Chandler
Gina Coleman

Jim and Loreen, you two are amazing! Keep up the good work to stay healthy and promote awareness. We are so proud of you.


Go get 'em, Jim-bob and LoLo Rider!

Patrick Gahan

Have a great ride Jim and Loreen. Promise me you'll add " Il Barbieri de Siviglia" Overture to your pump up playlist before next training ride (and remember the Cutters!) . Keep kicking butt!

Rick Yearick

Happy to be part of this worthy cause! We are all very proud of both of you. Keep on biking!

Douglas Godshall $500.00
Tracy and Jim Kirby

Best of luck Jim and Loreen




God bless you