My Supporters

Doug Allen

Ride like with wind, Coneheads!

Jeff Miller

Have a great first PMC Jim! Go Coneheads!

Kellin King

Good luck Jim! We are all thankful that you are doing this and we support you!! The Bellizzi’s

Draftingoff You

Just cuz

Jay Anzellotti
Erica Schmitz

Good luck Jim!!!

Steven Phillips

Have a great ride, for a great cause.

Stephen Macintyre

Jim, Claire, Vince, Thanks for making possible all the wonderful things that PMC accomplishes. Have a beautiful ride!!

Keith Aragona

Thanks to you and everyone doing this for this cause. 192 miles is really far!

Gidget Rochefort

Great Cause Jim! Thank you. Good luck and have a safe ride.

Benoit Harand

Great initiative !! Have a good ride in memory of family and friends we lost due to this disease.

Bill Trembath

Have a great ride Jim. Thanks for doing this.

Joe Kwiatkowski

Ride like the wind Jim - God Speed!

Jason Letendre

enjoy the ride and the great work you are doing.

Barb & Bob Pippin

Have a great ride Jim!

Dan & Meara Hershey

Good luck, Jim! You'll wipe out the field we're certain!! Ha!

W. Thomas West

Jim - What you, Claire and Vince are doing is wonderful. Ride fast and fair winds - Best, T

Margaret Holt

Thanks for taking this challenge and raising funds to beat cancer

Mark Bennett $60.00


Catherine M. Criticos

Brilliant idea, Jim! Love your photo too. For your Mom. ????????

Donald May

What a wonderful cause. My grandfather died of brain cancer if you wouldn’t mind riding in his memory too that would be great. Wish I could be there to see your cone head. Pictures please! - Don

Supporter and rider

Consider this payment for all the drafting you will provide your team mates ...

Casey Bernhard

Go Pippin........ Will be good to ride again to help you train.

Eric Rizzo

Good luck in the Challenge Jim!


My History

2019 $5,000.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)