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Jens Koehler

Thank you Tim for your PMC donation!!!

Nina Sommer

Toll, dass du wieder radelst, weltbester Kindergartenfreund!

Natalija Pavlovic

Thank you, Jens! ?? - Jovan, Chris, and Natalija

Maria Tsiogka
Erik Knelson
Jonathan Halpern

Good luck!

Jeanelle Tsai
Adriana Guerra

Hi Jens!!! I wish you the best! Hopefully I’ll see you on the finish line. You rock!!!

Silke Lucas
Lizeth Perales

Thank you so much for doing this Jens! Have a nice ride!!! ?? let’s fight cancer together!

Ednas Autobody

Good luck! Pedro Ruiz, Rodrigo Mijangos, Edwin and Ángel Cardoza, Katherine and Jay

Saemi Han
marco campisi

Vai Jens!!!!!

Andreina Carmona
Aveek Phukan
Jens Koehler

Muchas gracias a mi suegra Dulce!!!

Stefan Kasper $100.00
Jens Koehler

Thanks so much Tran Thai for your generous donation!!! I really appreciate it!

Marines Cuello $50.00
Pablo Martinez

Go Jens!

Mareike Tometten


Jiehui Deng

Good Job! Always pleasure to support

Chloe Do
Raymond Paranal
Shelley Weiss

Thanks for riding and for raising money.

Israel Cañadas

Enjoy the ride Jens! And thanks for doing this!!!!

Shengwu Liu

Enjoy the ride and good luck to you!

Juliette Bouyssou

Good luck on your ride Jens and kudos to you for doing this !!

Thomas Lauterbach $250.00
Carolin Huster
Robin Wyman

Thank you, Jens, for riding and all you do every day at Dsna-Farber!! Have a great ride! Robin and Rich Grey Shingles Camps, Wolfeboro

Jennifer Largaespada
Jeremy Kasanov
Anne Fassl

Go Jens!!! Good luck and lots of tailwind!!


Awesome job!

cristina caffarra
Jiaqi Li $50.00
J Matschke $120.00
Eugen Dhimolea
Al Lopez $10.00
Jonathan Lopez $30.00
Al Lopez
atsuko ogino

Thanks for doing this, Jens! Viel Glück!

Naiara Santana

Good luck Jens! It is so great of you to organize this every year. Happy to contribute once more.

Halime Kalkavan

Ride on ?? H&C

Yoshihisa Kobayashi

I hope your safe ride! Good luck!!

Alejandra Takagi
Josephine Hai
Dennis Adeegbe
Jieun Son

Go, Lung Strong!!! Go, Jens!!!

Nadine Aumüller
Russell Jenkins
Marco Catalano

Great job Jens!! Always happy to support you in participating this event :) As we say in italian: in bocca al lupo!

Vera Tiedje
Tomasz Skiba

Go Jens!!! Cheers from Ginga and Tomasz

Susana Sequera

Thank you for doing this again! I’m very proud of you dear Jens ?????????????

Frank Poelwijk

Go Jens!! :)

Matthias Huster

Hallo Jens viel Erfolg!

Susi Braun

All good things come in threes! Wish you the best!

Leena Kaikkonen

Super, Jens! Viel Spaß und risikofrei Kilometer!

Mika Lin

Good Luck Jens!!

Jeff Okoro $30.00
Hannah Cassatly

Good luck, Jens!!

Jennifer Spangle

Best wishes for a smooth PMC this year!! Cheers to THREE years!! - Andreas and Jenn

Esthela Borghesani

We are really proud of you and your cause! Go Jens!!??????

Magda Bahcall

Admirable! Hopefully by now your body has come to terms with your recidivism.

Pinar Eser

Three years in a row!!! Good luck, Jens!!

Benjamin Byun

Good luck Jens!

Chiara Ambrogio

Getting stronger every year!!!

Johannes Köster
Kevin Zhao
Jake Haworth

Good luck with the ride, Jens! Hope it doesn't rain this year!

Kshiti Dholakia

My History

2019 $6,425.92 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $4,915.32 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2017 $4,220.00 Bourne to Wellesley (1-Day Sun)