My Supporters

Stephen Gimilaro

Congratulations and so proud of you!

Lou Minicucci $250.00
Martin Oriordan $500.00
Christine Bowdring Carley

Year 5 - You are amazing Joe! Good luck on your ride

Marianne Roy

Joe, Sarah and Joseph; I'll be cheering for the Patriot's Peddlars all the way! May you have angels under you wings, the wind at your back and a lot of gatorade!

Laura Dinapoli

Keep up the good work, Joe! You have been such a dedicated rider!!

Barbara Ciano
Karen and Carl Mitchell $100.00
Diane Mulvaney $150.00
Anthony Gimilaro

Joe, Good Luck!

Claudette & Jim Mallory
Marc Kolopsky

Good luck, Joe.

Joe Rahal

Keep up the great work and good lucck on the ride.


Joe, I admire you for being diligent and making money for a very good cause.

Daniel Murphy

Way to go Joe! Hope the wind is at your back!

Thomas Stribling
Alison Falk

It’s a pleasure to support such a great cause and a fabulous family! Enjoy your ride!

Thomas O'Gara
john boylan

We all support you in the ride for a cure.

NEIRG Wealth Management LLC
Jeanne Domenichella
Charlie Russo

Best of luck to all the riders. You are all truly amazing!

Peter Konrad

Joe, You are amazing! Have a safe and successful ride. Best, Peter and Shaun

Lou and Marilyn DiNapoli
Dennis Sullivan

Hat’s off to all of you

Josh Grossman

good luck!!!

Joe and Susan Gimilaro