My Supporters

Andrea Sobajian Callanen

We admire Henry's spirit, courage, and drive to succeed in all his life's endeavors! Never say Never

Lucy Littlefield

Congratulations, Henry, on all your hard work. Keep it up!

Nathan and Sarah Hugenberger
Carolyn and Peter Roy and Yung $100.00



Neil Boege
Peter Willis

Congratulations to you all and especially Henry who showed a profile in courage in riding the final 40 miles!! Pete & Sue

James Grady
Matthew & Penny Whitlock

You guys are rock stars!!

Clint Cavanaugh

I'm late, but am so proud of Henry and Josh and for the courage you all--especially Henry--have shown and passed along to others! You bring lots of love and hope to the ride every year! Ride on!

Ann Andrew
Jeremy Majchrzak

Best of luck Josh and Henry!!

Kate Holcomb Hale $60.00
Cassandra Smith

Way to go Henry!!!

Pauline Sulprizio

So proud of the brave young man I have had the pleasure of knowing and supporting through PMC. Love you love your family stay strong.

Jennifer Moore

Good luck, Henry! Love to you, Cath??

John Merrill $500.00
Kari Noble

Congratulations Henry!!

David and Tina Lehman

Go Henry! Tina and David Lehman

John & Aimee Feeley $150.00
Peter Littlefield
Julia Matthews

Yay Henry and Josh! Congratulations to you all! We know it's a true team effort. xo Julia, Bill, Eileen & Kinsey


Well Done, Josh and Henry!

Leslie Sennott
Neil Johnson

Glad to see that Henry is joining the team for the PMC!

sue rock tully $240.00
Alden & Morgan French
Heather Ahern

Best of luck! You are all an inspiration!

Diane Vergnani

Congratulations Henry!! So proud of you!!

Elizabeth Boege
Lida Bernard

Have a wonderful ride, Josh.

Alex Megan D&T Magliozzi
Leah Burdett

Congratulations on a successful ride, and thanks for all you do in support of a cure!

Margaret Wallis

Great job Josh and Henry

Joan Gorton $100.00
Surrey and Rob Elwell


Shelly and Barry Naft $200.00
Claude Bahnik

Tremendous and inspiring...Ride hard Fenny Family.

Karen Carrasquillo

Keep on riding! Stay strong and God Bless!

Danuta Forbes

Fantastic job Henry, and good luck with the bike trail/park.

Rob Callahan

Ride on Henry! You continue to crush it on the trail and off. Josh, amazing ride last weekend - you keep leveling up as Best Dad Ever.

Ed Shoucair

Thank you for doing this Henry and Josh

Josh Mechem

Amazing work, thank you!!!

Christina Ray

There are no words to express my love and admiration for you both. I’m in awe!

Martha Hooper

Congratulations to Josh & Henry!!!

Linette French $100.00
Elizabeth French

Well done, Josh and Henry!

Allison Norton

Simply awesome!

Madelon Kaplan $100.00
Clement and Colleen Madden

We hope the ride went well! Keep up the great work. Best to all of you. Clem and Colleen

Leigh Hebard
Joel Rubin

Ride on Henry!

Chris & Julie Hall

Go Josh & Henry!!

Anne Deal Bradshaw

Go Josh!! I’m sure this year will be harder going solo, but knowing Henry is there for the last 40 will be magic! Y’all are SO inspiring.

Roz Smith
Derek Mccann

Keep it up Josh - I'm so proud of you. Wonderful news about Henry - I couldn't believe it when I saw him on a bike - and riding 40 miles. What a kid! Derek

Sally Iadarola
Emily Klein
Betsy Elliman
Lori Pescatore

Congrats on your ride!!!

Debbi Shargabian-Crimmins

Josh, Best of luck! You got this!! Debbi

Kristin Emery

Ride on Equipe Henry!!!

Doug Clarner

Go boys go! See you tomorrow!

Kelly Hoppe

Congrats to Josh and Henry on a great ride! Wishing Henry and your whole family all the best!

Sarah Kramer

Go Josh and Henry!! Love you guys! xoxox Sarah, Jason, Jonah and Sasha

Webster Wilson

Have a great ride, Fenster and Henry!!!!! XO from Portland, Web, Maya, Lilly + Viola

Catherine Gunn

Josh and Henry - you are an inspiration to us all!! May you continue to surpass your goals and rock this world! Bravo!

Robert Wells

Impressed by dad and son doing the ride; and the grandfather for being a team leader

Anne Houin

Best of luck to you, Henry! Enjoy the ride!

Kerry Donahue

Have a great and safe ride this year! And Henry, enjoy 40 miles and the fun of the finish line!

Wendy Buglio

So inspired! Way to go, guys!

Tracy Scatterday

Cheering you on all the way, Henry and Josh!

Jennifer Haviland-Eduah
Kenneth Shulman

Bravi Henry and Josh.

Doug Berman

So great to follow Henry's progress!

Peter Small

Love you guys!

John Pear $120.00
Joy Ahearn

I had decided last night that I was going to look you up and donate to your PMC. As I was out riding in today through Dover, I saw several PMC riders out, and cheered them. Wishing you success!

Rebecca Markley
Craig Gorton

Ride on!

Jonathan Markarian

Good luck this year guys!!

Adam Pachter

This year we're doubling Henry's age! Kudos to him and Josh for keeping on going in this time of turmoil. Let's hope for better days ahead on all horizons! Adam, Debbie, Lucy + May Pachter

Lucy Bunning


Way to go!

Jennifer Ehrlich
Marcia and bill Matthews

Go for it, josh and Henry. We are proud of you both ??

Kaitlyn Bettinger

Henry - you and your family are an inspiration! Keep up the amazing work and good luck with your ride.

Natasha Strom $30.00
Julie Chung

Go Team Henry! Love y’all from team PDX!

Lauren Norton

Go Josh, Henry and Team!

Doug and Martha Johnson

You rock, Henry! We are celebrating you. And we are also celebrating Bill, our hero and our friend.

Virginia Prescott

You, your story and your family are profoundly inspiring! Happy trails!

Geraldine McGowan $50.00
Karen Hock

Go Henry and Josh!

Perrin Keeler

Congratulations Josh and Henry!

Melanie MacFarlane

THANK YOU for doing this! We are cheering for you every mile. You got a glorious day this year.

Anne Culhane

You are all amazing and an inspiration! xo

Susan and Don Ware
Honor Engle
Carol Francis

Have a great ride!

Larry Dick

Henry is a true inspiration to us all. Any obstacle can be overcome!

Mara Callahan

So happy to see you are persevering despite covid! Have a great ride with Henry!

Ross & Cindy Schieffer $50.00
Cindy Salsbury $250.00
David Greene
Carolyn Heilman

Go Josh! We love you!

Halleh Akbarnia

We are with you all the way. Love you guys! Halleh and Stu, Simia and Kian

Jeremy Gregory

Go, Equipe Henry! From the Gregorys

Jennifer Goren

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