My Supporters


Frank Arthur Granberry III

Josh you rock, thank you for being a CHAMPION!

Joanne Hobin

Great job, Josh!

Matt Coin

Congrats Josh!

Kari Johnson


Charles Jones


Pollo Pollo!

Rosanna Venezia

Good luck Josh!!

Melanie Quandt

Go Josh - you will crush it!!

David Lemieux

Have a great ride!

Jenny Whelan

Great job Josh!!

Pamela Hobson

Thank you for your commitment!

Aoife O'Meara

Good Luck Josh!

Lyle Getto
Allegra Pawlowski

Go Joshie!

Matthew Vaughn
Heather Goodwin

Ride like the wind Josh! Good luck and thank you for all you do!

Jenny & Marc Brightman
KC Latham
Honey Burke

Good Luck Josh, Your wonderful Mom would be very proud of you!!??

Barry Kolsky $108.00
Jeanette Andrews

Your Mom would be so proud of you, as am I. Good Luck? Jere & Jeanette

Elizabeth Hancock

Best of luck Josh! Mere will be with you every mile of the way. XO The Hancocks

Elise Kumar

Good luck Josh!

Peter Bingenheimer
Ashley Core

Go Joshers GO!

Leslie and Michael Harsip


Steve Borgioli
Justine Kolsky

Way to go, Joshy! So proud of you! #GoLungstrong

Neil Sormanti

Go get em bud! Good luck!

Danielle Cleary

Go get it Josh!! We love you! D, J, D, & C

Jan Sylvia

Happy to support your ride in remembrance of your mother.

Betsy Dowling

God bless you Josh!! I am with you every pedal of the way! Meredith will Iive in my heart forever... Have a safe ride, Love, Betsy

Andrew Herrick

Crush it!

Lory Vargas

Happy to support! Miss you!

Sara Hutchinson
Sean Anctil

Go get 'em guy. Don't forget to stretch and remember to hydrate..

Phil Norton

Don't forget to take the training wheels off this year

joseph trotta

Go for it?????????????????????

Kevin Gallagher

As a cancer survivor thank you.

Gretchen Priest
Sage Litsky $30.00
Christopher Bachman

Good Luck Josh!

Joanna Hartunian $60.00
Elizabeth Gifford

Amazing!! Have fun!!

Patricia Bingenheimer

Best of luck and thanks for riding. Be safe !

Kerry Kokos

Kick Ass Clisby! Your mom would be so proud! ??????

Michele Pollack
Meghan Lotterman
Michael Kalivas

Good luck buddy!

Christine WInship


Roy Clisby

Go Get em Josh!!

Sheila Doherty

We are Happy to sponsor each rider from Andover! THANK YOU for taking on this challenge & working to end cancer. I will be praying for 70 degree weather! Stay Safe! Sheila - Doherty Insurance

Josiah Clisby $500.00

My History

2019 $5,568.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $8,512.13 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)