My Supporters

Kip Kane

You're an inspiration as always!!

James Annis

Jimmy and I of East Bay Custom Cycles, Inc. wish you a Safe and Enjoyable Ride Jon. Thank you for what you do With Dana-Farber.

Paul DeCoste
Tristan Barako $100.00
Gary Leitao

Keep up the great work you’re doing! Stay Awesome!

Anne-Marie Tavares

A Wonderful cause wishing you. the. best

Zachary Rivers

Best Wishes on the Ride!

Mike Raditz

Love from the Raditz Family... keep up the great work!

Robin Leclerc

Have a fun ride! Glad to contribute to a great cause.

John Goodwin

Go Birsy!

Claire Jubb

Always glad to help Jon! You're Simply the best! Go Birsy!

Julie Vargas

John, To the many wonderful folks who are afflicted with cancer, I thank you from the bottom of my heart & the years of support. You are truly a blessing. May the wind be always at your back. Julie V

John Peters III

Go get 'em Birsy!

Kenneth Scolaro
elaine stafford $25.00


Good luck, and enjoy the ride! -Kristen and Jeff

Skip Castro

Best of luck!

Amanda Brown

John, 80% of my clients have/had cancer and unfortunately a couple passed recently. This is a cause I also hold near & dear to my heart. Happy to support. I wish you the best of luck with your ride!

E Joseph Domingo

Miss you birsy! Go get em!

Luahn Page
Linda Martin

Thank you for your dedication to making a difference. Enjoy the ride,



Best of luck Jon! Adam, Mary Pat, Blake, and Brenna


We are proud to be supporting you and such a great cause! Ride safe! Ride fast!

Joseph Alves

Ride on my friend

Joseph Alves

Ride on my friend

Mark Sullivan

Way to go Birsy, you make all us PIKES Proud to know you! Sully



Joe Pirri
judy glover
Vincent Soboleski $50.00
Garrett McAvoy

You’re an inspiration John! Good luck on your ride!

Donna Johnson

John, such a great charity!!!

Kenneth McPhillips $100.00
Pamela Benjamin $100.00
Donna Ross

Have a great ride!

Brian Kearney

good luck John

Darlene Olson

You are the best of the best! Here’s to another amazing year of riding and fundraising!!!

Alan Roberts $50.00
Janice Antinucci

Thank you for riding for Dana Farber. Have a safe ride and enjoy every minute! In memory of Jeanne Linacre, my best friend, who died of cancer.

Rosemarie Ross

Thank you for doing this each year!!!

Peter Macedo

Thank you for all your continued support through the years. You got this!

Lisa Giovanni

You got this, my friend!! Keep up the determination! All you do will turn into good!

Richard Pushkin Sr
Dan Fanning

Good luck Jon !

Martin Simas

Good luck Jonathan. Hope you achieve that amazing goal

Paul Sikorskyj

John, Your commitment and dedication to this event and great cause makes me proud to call you my friend. Wishing all the best with this years ride!

T and P Belcher

Wishes for a safe ride and congratulations on your outstanding accomplishment!

Peter Pollino
Christopher Quesnelle
Greg Dantas $100.00


Gia Freitas

Hi John! I am very happy to make a donation. I hope you enjoy the ride! Thank you for always being so nice and for always helping me with questions I have regarding my taxes! God bless!

Monique Collins
Steven and Robin Narcovich

Wishing you the best and keep up the great work - Steven & Robin Narcovich

Stephanie Souza

Godspeed Birsy! You got this!



Thank you for putting this together John!!

Susan S Black
Marc Ferreira

Keep up the great work John!

Kerry Hood

Go John Go! Your consistency and effort devoted to The PMC is admirable and noticed by many!

Christopher Ludwig

Have a great ride sir!

TJ Steno Captioning LLC

Wishing you the best and hope the weather cooperates. Such a great cause to donate to!

Jim Harper

You’re the best John Hav fun- enjoy the views. Save children! Love you - the Harper’s

Jerome and Mary Squatrito

Jon, Mary and I wish you the best in your effort to support the cancer fight. Your continued efforts are a tribute to your exemplary character. KUDOS KUDOS KUDOS!

Sheri Norton
Mike Palmieri

Great Cause John!! Go get it!!

Johnathon Birs

This is for My rider John Birs

Daniel Cesario

Good luck

Elizabeth Splaine

Ride on, my friend! Such good work you're doing and we're proud to support you! Beth and Kevin Splaine

Dennis Boisvert $100.00
Bettina Wholean
Missy and Marty Tatum
Louise Pushkin
Jonathan Serbst1

John, may your path be smooth, your wheels be swift and your derailleurs shift smoothly...!



Tracy Scott $25.00
David Konetski $50.00
Brian Caromile

Good luck John!!

Brian and Paula Morrissette
Nicholas Fluet

Great work John!

Jennifer Bray

Good luck, John!

Jessica Loftus

You are amazing John! You will crush this!

Steve Whalen

You are the best!


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